The Bullsheet    3rd Annual Illawarra Year-End Challenge

From 9am Fri, 28 Dec '11 to early-arvo Wed, 2 Jan '13  (5 nights camping / 6 days cycling) -  3rd Annual Illawarra Year-End Challenge camping at the Bulli Showground, Grevillea Park Rd (turn right immediately before the Bulli Bowling Club - item 1 on map) to -

i)        conquer the horrendous 'Mt Kembla to Mt Keira double-heeder' and easier 'Mt Keira Lookout' route; and

ii)       swim at the majestic, pristine Illawarra beaches and suck Latts at Ruby's Cafe on Bulli Beach.  
90 mins drive 70km Sth from the Sydney Harbour Bridge outside peak hour or catch train to Bulli station 250m from the Bulli Showground

Illawarra beaches - Austinmer, Thirroul, Bulli and Woonona are majestic, pristine, with each offering a beaut 50 yards pool and a Marvie cafe affronting l'eau

In our inaugural Illawarra Year-End Challenge in Dec '10/Jan '11, 18 cyclists participated.


Organiser: Phil aka BankTeller
 0434 715.861 Trevor aka Tornado, Jean aka ChiliDog, George aka EnglishMan* and Eric aka PapaBear are riding (at 10am) the tradition 'first day' 52km loop from Bulli to Nth Wollongong visiting beachside cafes - thence West to scale 6.9km Mt Keira to the Mountaintop Cafe, then across to Mt. Pleasant and return to Bulli
George aka EnglishMan is catching the 8:31am train from Central station on Wed. which arrives at Thirroul at 9:55am and then cycling 2km south to the Bulli showground.
Richard aka Sloth plans to arrive 'latish' on Thurs, 29th to ride Fri 30th and Sat 31st. 
*   NewChum, Tony aka Yorkshire, plans to ride Friday and Sat, but likely staying in a motel at Woonona, as 'Mrs Yorkshire' isn't enamoured with camping.
*   Jean aka ChiliDog similarly plans to arrive Friday nite to 'fuel-up' before Sat's ride.  Jean plans to being his wife, Denise, who is a regular camper at Bright Vic.
Crew who have said they will be there, but unsure when, incl
Matt aka Printer David aka CricketTragic,
Terry aka Navigator, Pete aka AnotherBeanCounter, Bazza, Martin aka Architect, Pete aka Pelvis, Karen aka NurseKaza, Olivier aka PrivateBusDriver.

If you think you are >75% of joining us, subject to a fine morn', can you e-mail Scribe, and he will add ya.




Rap-up of 1st Annual Illawarra Year End Challenge incl. lots of pics.

Rap-up of 2nd Annual Illawarra Year End Challenge incl. lots of pics.

Street directions from Cahill Expressway to Bulli notes you head for Sydney Airport and then follow route to Wollongong, but descend Bulli Pass prior to The Gong. Route map.

Our camping area @ $10 per adult, per night, is immediately West of the Bulli Greyhound Track (which is the narrow long lighter green oval in the middle of the above map) - about 400m from Bulli Beach and 250m Nth of Bulli train station

Bank Teller is restricting access to the above pavilion to between 6:30am to 8am and 4pm to 7pm.  Because he is responsible for fridges and stoves therein.

The buildings on RHS above are part of the Bulli Harness Racing Club which is on RHS and off-limits to campers

Above are the Male and Female Toilets/Showers.  The grassy knoll in front of pic is part of the camping area to pitch your tent.

Climbs up the "escarpment" are not far away

Bank Teller has booked campsites at the Bulli Showground with the Bulli Showground Committee on the same basis as Bank Teller's enduring annual booking of the Berry Showground.  Camping costs $10 per night per adult - no camping fee for kids.

The separate Male and Female shower and toilet facilities are basic and clean.  Click on Whereis: Bulli to see that it is only a few hundred metres to the majestic Bulli Beach and Ruby's Cafe.   Plenty of motels, pubs and B&Bs listed at "Other Accommodation" below, if you don't like camping.

Lots of beaut rides listed below, including climbing the below two famous mountains of Mt Kembla at Mt Keira, where the former is tougher. 

Mt Kembla - SW of Wollongong from Cordeaux Heights

Mt. Keira - West of Wollongong

Likely Ride Routes to be selected the day before, so 'phone Phil if you intend visiting for a day ride

  1. 52km loop from Bulli to Nth Wollongong visiting beachside cafes - thence West to scale 6.9km Mt Keira to the Mountaintop Cafe, then across to Mt. Pleasant and return to Bulli - this beaut "local' ride will be available twice over the 7 days

  2. Bulli, Wollongong, Figtree, Cordeaux Heights, climbing Mt Kembla and Mt Keira - 87km - Route directions - Elevation profile

  3. Bulli, Sth to Wollongong, West to climb Mt Keira Rd, Picton Rd, Mt Ousley Rd, descend Bulli Pass  with Nosh Stop at Mt Keira Lookout - 51.3km - Route directions - Elevation profile  BLACKSPOT RISK WARNING - Descend Bulli Pass slowly and be courteous to much bigger vehicles

  4. Train ride 27.4km Nth from Bulli to Waterfall to drop down into RNP thence visit Wattamolla and Garie Beaches and cycle back - 90km approx (or catch train from Waterfall reducing ride by 18km)

  5. Train ride Nth from Bulli to Waterfall to drop down into RNP thence visit Bundeena Beach and Otford Apple Pie Shop then cycle back - 95km approx (or catch train from Waterfall reducing ride by 18km)

  6. Train ride 41.4km Sth from Bulli to Albion Park to climb Macquarie Pass then lunch at Pig ' Whistle Cafe at Old Cheese Factory, Robertson, thence descend Jamberoo Pass to catch train from Kiama back Nth to Bulli - 60km approx

  7. Train ride 47.1km Sth from Bulli to Kiama to climb Jamberoo Pass then lunch at Pig ' Whistle Cafe at Old Cheese Factory, Robertson, thence descend Macquarie Pass to catch train from Albion Park back Nth to Bulli - 65km approx.

Rides usually start around 8:30am, leaving the arvos free to visit the majestic Illawarra beaches However, if we know that someone is arriving on the 9:55am train at Thirroul (2km north), we will delay our start to 10am, unless it is going to be very hot.  There will also be Easy Peasy "Recovery Rides" to the beaut array of beachside cafes if you are 'whacked' from the day or night before.

Things you see on the train ride to Bulli station


Useful ride Info

Illawarra Bicycle Users Groups Guide to cycling in the Illawarra

Bulli to Wollongong then Mt Keira and back  -  70km

Bulli to Wollongong then Mt Keira and Mt Pleasant 'n back - 75km


Other Accommodation

Heritage Hotel, 240 Princes Highway Bulli 2216 - ph: 4284 5884 no available rooms

Southview self-contained B&B located between Sandon Point Beach and Bulli Beach - 200m from the beach and bike / walk path.

Windmill Motel 491 Princes Highway, Woonona (02) 4284.8766 Twin room Sat $140 is available

Royal Hotel, Grey St and Princes Highway, Woonona

Risk Warning
   BLACKSPOT - descend Bulli Pass slowly and be courteous to much bigger vehicles

   Hardcopy these directions and bring on Sunday

   Expend 5 min studying your street directory for this route, if you haven't ridden it before

   Don't ride two abreast on single lane roads with an unbroken centre line and descend corners on wet roads as though you are skating on ice

   When passing a fellow Mugg, always provide a metre clearance.  If you can't, or are passing on the inside, you MUST call out loudly eg. "passing inside" etc

Some forms of cycling are dangerous.  An ave of 36 Australian cyclists have been killed annually since 2000.  95% of these fatalities occur on the road

Other cyclists in Australia break bones and incur nerve impairment from falling off their bikes in accidents. 

A cyclist could fall from his/her bike, inter alia, due to -
(i)      being hit by a car or another cyclist; or
(ii)     encountering a pothole;

(iii)    cycling too fast on a wet downhill where the coefficient of friction is much less, particularly at corners; or
(iv)    getting their bicycle wheel caught in a gap in a timber bridge.

A negligent cyclist could -

(a)    be litigated by a seriously injured cyclist, or 3rd party (ie. a woman pushing a pram on a footpath or a car driver) under common law where the damages could exceed $500,000; and

(b)    lose his/her home if he/she did not have public liability insurance which covers their negligence whilst on a push bike.

A negligent cyclist who did not have personal injury insurance (ie self-employed without income protection cover) could struggle to meet regular outgo commitments.

A seriously injured cyclist could be awarded damages which a negligent cyclist could not afford to pay if the negligent cyclist -
(I)     did not have public liability insurance cover; and/or
(II)    did not possess valuable assets.

   Cycling without Public Liability cover is as silly as driving without 3rd Party -
 join Bike NSW for PL insurance, so that all Muggs are better protected

   Click on: Risk Management which warns of 'inter alia', the dangers of cycling on public roads with motor cars, potholes and over bridges with vertical timber planks with gaps

   Cycling with Muggs is predicated upon notifying Bank Teller if you materially disagree with any clause(s) in Muggaccinos' "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment"

Scribe's wrap-up   0434 715.861