BeanCounter, Pacific, Samurai and Richard aka Sloth at Road Warriors Cafe Mt White on its final day before being converted to a Caravan Park.  Let's hope they retain the verdant grassy knoll, 'cause we certainly didn't regularly cycle 46km due north from Nth Turra' for the coffee or the service

Richard only got fair-dinkum about cycling in 2007, after “earning” his Seniors Card following retirement five years earlier from a career in I.T.  He stumbled into the new “ Computer Science” at Uni in ’67 (paper-tape, punched-cards) and after early years in technical software headed to complex accounting/admin systems and ran his own software consultancy from ’82.

Previously Sloth had cycled irregular short commutes and rare scenic tours  –  max 40km.  He’s powered by a reasonable cardio system developed from 30 years of regular running which he had to stop after his back began to twinge in the late '90s.

By late ’08, Richard's cycling average had “climbed” to a still-slothful 22 kph and distances up to 100 clicks.  He’s renowned for drafting and out-of-the-saddle pre-emptive attacks before smallish hills, which can be disconcerting for lead riders.  Meanwhile, his knees are unimpressed with his new passion.

Sloth retired early to pursue physical pursuits while his body still could.  Sailing is his First Love: day-racing (up to six/week), multi-day-racing (he’s over that?) and cruising/yacht-delivering off NSW & Qld.  Other interests include dancing (many genre), bushwalking and swimming.

Sloth is a fan of public transport and using his Seniors Card; often seen with bike on off-peak trains or ferries, solving a Sudoku, commuting to/from a nicer, safer place to ride versus near his home in Greenwich. Typical destinations are Woolwich wharf (for cycling near the Parramatta River), Berowra, Woy Woy, Wyong and Richmond.  Kiama and Berry beckon in 2009.  Routes are chosen with a sailor’s eye on predicted wind direction and strength as when on his treadley Sloth isn't a fan of headwinds!

Sloth paying new proprietor, Charlie, for his meal

Sloth rolling out of the Yarramundi Lookout - Christmas Eve 2008

On our return Somersby bellbirds ride after a 20 months absence due to a road closure, Sloth ordered the "Maxi-Meal" which reputedly is popular amongst the Somersby "locals".  However, perhaps most of the indigenous were a tad larger than Richard and not about to climb back onto a treadley for another 60 clicks


At Muggs' 7th Annual King of the Mountain Challenge from pristine Berry in Nov '10, Sloth was awarded Muggs' coveted KOM accolade for averaging 30km day (11,000/year) and scaling all 15 precipitous climbs; still slothful, but enduro sloth.

2011 wrap:  Despite significant ailments in Spring, Sloth pedalled 12,000 km in 2011 which included numerous adventures in country NSW & Qld.  More of his riding was smell-the-flowers slothful, befitting his advancing years.