George and Grant aka BeanCounter waiting to roll out of Hornsby

George has a penchant for ducking over to southern France to cycle in July/August, having done it in 2009 and saddling up again in 2010 intent on returning with a new titanium bike.  Notwithstanding having lived in Oz for several years, George retains a strong "English accent" and wouldn't disgrace if invited to afternoon tea with gentry.  He prefers toe clips which is fine with the rest of us, 'cause George is an exceedingly strong rider and we don't need him any stronger.   

Pigging-out at Picton

Lounging at Cliftonville (for this pic)
During George's visit to Europe in July 2010, Englishman purchased the above Van Nicholas titanium road bike at a bargain price due to not having to pay VAT, and because bikes are still cheaper in bigger markets.  He was able to order a triple front chain rings which assisted climbing the 34.8km Col De Vergio in Corsica to 1,467m above sea level