Cricket Tragic

Ten years ago, David worked in London for three years and during those three Summers he climbed lots of beaut mountains in the Pyrenees mainly from the Spanish side.  He shares something unique with Bank Teller, as they both played cricket for Beecroft Cricket Club.  Bank Teller only played one season in 1974, whereas David played 15 seasons.  Patently Cricket Tragic has a hill climbing pedigree, but with a Campagnolo traditional 53/39 on the front and 12/26 on the back, he may struggle in Nov at the 6th Annual King of the Mountain Challenge when we tackle climbs like Fountaindale Rd which has a 300m section @ 22o

Another summit in the Pyrenees

David at Warragamba Dam in April 2010

Approaching The Serpentine Lookout - mid Winter 2010



Pics from Lake Garda  -  July '14 where Dave is attending a 'secret training session' - arriving 3 weeks prior to the other 5 Muggs for 2014 'Tour de Italia'