Easy to believe from this pic that Matt auditioned for the movie The Full Monty, and only missed out on Australian Idol due to an untimely dose of the clap, and he didn't have an Afro mop.

Matt has ridden with Muggs for several years, but also gets his jollies from endurance mountain bike events like the annual 7 hrs endurance ride at Bundanoon, and 24 hr event in Canberra in Oct which always seems to snag a cold w'end. 

In quite chats amongst the menfolk, it is apparent that Printer obviously did his share of partying with the lads, 'back in the olden days'.  However, these days, Matt, who learnt his trade from a successful Italian printing business, knows when to allow the pill to pass thru to the keeper.  Or that's what he portrays.  When potentially contentious issues come along from time to time during the occasionally provocative banter at Nosh Stops, you can count on Matt playing a straight bat.  However, Printer will usually retort with a quip which suggests he is cognisant of the loaded assertion intended to cite a reaction.  And unlike a fellow graduate from a Christian Brothers' upringing, Matt can maintain a cheerful demeanour not phasing anyone.


Indulging in sweet carbs, Gosford Park circa 2003

Matt about to exit Hornsby - Oct 2009