Architect aka Sicilian mafia patriarch  

Which pic is our Martin?  The cheery chap above or the pensive Sicilian standover man below.




Silly, they are both of our resident Architect, taken only a few secs apart at Acropolis Yeeros, Woy Woy circa Aug '06.  Muggs have dined in this quiet courtyard about twice a year for many a year.  The service and food is friendly and beaut.  Almost invariably it is warmish and sunny, bearing in mind that most of our visits are during Winter', cause the roads on the lower Central Coast become a trifle busy during the warmer months.

In any event, once a few more pics of Architect are 'snapped' and we get a bit more mud on this seemingly friendly fellow, one of the above pics will get flicked, with more likely the Machiavellian Martin remainingWhy?  Cause based on the above pic, if they were running screen tests for the Godfather, Martin would likely get a second sitting.

Crossing Coalcliff Bridge - Sept '07

Proof that Martin, the Sicilian mafia patriarch, is just as "shady" close-up