The Bullsheet      Sunrise in 6:23am    

Sunday, 16 Oct '22 - 8am from Hornsby or 8:25am from Berowra turn-off for Brunch at Glenorie Village Bakery  -  84km  -  ETR 1:15pm   


 David aka  Once an IronMan  [2nd Acceptor] is starting by 7:55am from Hornsby.

Ride OrganiserPhil Johnston aka BankTeller  [3rd Acceptor], Eric aka PapaBear [4th Acceptor], Matt aka MotorMouth [5th Acceptor], and Ann aka ToothFairy [1st Acceptor], are starting from Berowra carpark at 8:25am, after Phil catches a train at 7:39am from Artarmon station.

Chris aka Recalcitrant BankTeller  [4th Acceptor] and George  aka Englishman [5th Acceptor] are starting 15 mins later and meeting us en route to Glenorie Village Bakery.

Bill aka Glasgow [6th Acceptor] is cycing via Bobbin Head and meeting us at Glenorie Village Bakery.

Grant aka BeanCounter   Lea aka SlowLea, Matt aka GreenMonkey, John aka L'EtapeTexDubbo, Terry aka Navigator,  Ron aka Draughtsman, Tony aka Publican, Jane aka NeoLuddite , Barry aka Bazza  

Pete aka CampyAficinado,

If you want to join us, please e-mail Bank Teller and he will add your moniker above.

Ride North 11km Nth. Left into Berowra Waters Rd. Descend to Berowra Waters Ferry.  Ascend twds Galston. Right NorWest up Mid Dural Rd to to Glenorie Bakery for 1st Nosh Stop. 
Return to Hornsby by retracing down Old Northern Rd to Mid Dural Rd thence Arcadia to Berowra Waters. 

Nth from Hornsby to Berowra Waters Rd 11.0 km
Left and descend to Berowra Waters Ferry 16.1 km
Ascend from ferry along Bay Rd and Arcadia Rd 26.7 km
Ahead onto Galston Rd to Galston 29.0 km
West into Mid Dural Rd 31.0 km
Right into Old Northern Rd 33.3 km
Arrive Glenorie shopping centre and Glenorie Village Bakery 42.0 km

Retrace the same route back to Hornsby

84.0 km

Hornsby to Brooklyn 'n back - 62km  - 4 riders



Four Cheerful Chaps at Red Herring Cafe, Brooklyn Pier - at least that was the impression we were seeking to convey whilst a stranger kindly took our pic



Turramurra Station Carpark, St Ives, Church Point, Whale Beach, Palm Beach ferry to Patonga, Pearl Beach Rd, Ettalong, Umina Woy Woy - 56km

Climate Change has rendered the 2.5km climb out of Patonga steeper 'n longer.  If you don't believe BankTeller, then ask PapaBear

Beaut Old Muggs ferry pics

Palm Beach Ferry to Pristine Patonga Village

Click on 'Relive', then the Right Arrow therein, to view last Sunday's ride in Google Earth.

Then click on:  View interactive route > to evidence a further application of Google Earth 


St. Ives, Akuna Bay, Illawong Bay, Duffy's Forest and "home James and don't spare the horses" - 49.4km - 7 riders

A tad chilly early, but nothing like earlier in the week,  Fortunately, the forecast 25 max arrived around 1pm whilst driving home.  Alan Wilkie and Brian Bury both opine that no more cold weather this year.

Our 4cast ride was abbreviated 'cause of fire hazard burning on the West Head leg, so we retraced via Duffy's Forest.  No one seemed overtly upset.  We crossed paths with  Michael aka GoodMorningVietnam on our return leg.

The Patonga Ferry Boat ride is in a fortnight to dovetail in with the 10:10am departure from Palm Beach.  Arriving at Pristine Patonga Village at 10:40am where we ride our customary Tour de Patonga that takes all of 5 mins before scaling that nasty-ish climb twds Pearl Beach, Umina, Ettalong and Woy Woy.

Click on 'Relive' to view last Sunday's abbreviated ride - 49.4km in Google Earth.

Then click on the 'Right Arrow' therein.  Then click on:  View interactive route > to evidence a further application of Google Earth 
As Gomer Pyle would say, Goooolly !!!

Long enduring Pastor PapaBear addressed The Extremist Religious 'Sunday Service' Sect at Akuna Bay Marina where he sought to Cast Out the Devil from some of the Assembled Brethren. 
But not BankTeller who wants to hang really heinous murderers, such as Australian born,
Brenton Tarrant
Our coffees were served on a tray - very civilised.