Don't know too much about Bill thus far except that he is a strong as a draft horse on a bike, has run in the Wed. Corporate Cup for over 15 years, brews his own beer and many moons ago Glasgow migrated from a well known mining town in Scotland that is a delightful place to enjoy a beer at dusk (around 9:30pm) at ya local pub - for about 4 weeks a year when it isn't raining.

Bill at Stone House Cafe Maroota - Oct 2008

Bill could just as easily been monikered "Compliance", 'cause in an era when we are ruing inadequate 'regulation" within the US. 'sub-prime', Bill has kept any "Financial Engineers" (better known as Cowboys) honest who have sought to infiltrate the ASX

Two shots of Bill 'en route' from Wisemans Ferry, bound for Cliftonville - July '09


Drifting into the Yarramundi Lookout after scaling it twice.

Bill, circa May '2014, out in the boondocks of France.  Is it Montrozier or Gorges du Tarn or Aubrac?