One of the lesser known characters played by Hoges on the 'The Paul Hogan Show' back in the '70s was country and western superstar/bird impersonator, Tex Dubbo, with his assistant Farrah Newton-John, played by Strop.

Our Kev hails from Dubbo, where some of the older 'locals' still remember Tex Dubbo, albeit no one outside Dubbo seems to, except for a few of Kev's mates who identified a resemblance between the character in the Hoges Show and our Kev, and country singer, Troy Cassar-Daley, who featured Tex Dubbo in the 2003 Tamworth Country Music Festival.




Tex Dubbo
(Troy Cassar- Daley)
Tamworth Festival
Southgate Inn
"Scully Room"

Looks like Eric aka PapaBear has a challenger for the MichelinMan