Matthew came to Muggs only recently.  He has known former fellow cycle commuter, Justine aka Trumpeter, since before she started having Nippers.

This self-confessed Jalopy Junkie is unashamed in his admiration of high-end motor engineering, even though -

(i)         they burn excessive fossil fuels; and

(ii)        the I.Q. of some of the PetrolHead devotees may not trouble the Woodcock–Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities.

Matt works in the motor vehicle industry in the accounting area.

Justine tells that Matt has two Green Thumbs, because he is regularly in his garden.

Matt has two sons and 'a princess'.

(We will get some 'mud' on Matt in the coming weeks.)


Matt and BankTeller rehydrating (no half measures) at Berowra - late Jan '17