Glenorie Village Bakery, Old Northern Rd  -  2.4km North of Cattai Ridge Rd

Above pic taken looking South down Old Northern Rd, so turn Left immediately after passing Clocktower in Glenorie Village Shopping Centre into Post Office Rd and park therein.

Glenorie Bakery where the locals must all suffer from insomnia on Sunday mornings, 'cause the joint is Chockers

The brews 'n grub at the Glenorie Bakery are beaut and 'fill a hole'.  Back in June 2017, the joint was 'packed to the rafters' with locals that can't sleep-in on a Sunday morn', but we sat outside to sit close to our jalopies


Pete aka CampyAficinado wasn't going to stop chomping on his whatever burger.  Although Bill aka Glasgow and George aka Englishman desisted sipping on their mild, legal drug, and Eric aka PapaBear managed to take a breath. 
Meanwhile recalcitrant/erstwhile Jean aka ChiliDog pondered the utility of preachings that he had missed Eric aka PapaBear sermonize from the mount to his brethren an
Extremist Religious Sect
Or are Muggs merely compliant sheep?  Because we can't stop Eric gospelizing on the Sabbath, so just put up with it.  And pretend to be interested.