Michael aka GoodMorningVietnam has brought celebrity status to Muggs, 'cause Michael worked as a 'film extra' on Good Morning Vietnam and Saigon in 1987 after backpacking through India, then landing in Thailand where the filming was done.

Alas, Michael's roll in the 'motion picture' Good Morning Vietnam didn't evidenced him appearing in the below cast of GMV where one of the most versatile actors, that ever breathed air on terra firma, is centre stage.  What a huge loss Robin Williams death has been. 

And seemingly, Michael didn't score a mention in movie reviews of Saigon.

But Hey, this Brit born, who backpacked his way around the world which is how he landed in Oz, has something to spruik about.  Not everyone can lay claim to 'partly facilitating' one of the most brill acting performances by a male actor, 'cause Robin Williams won the Best Actor Motion Picture Musical or Comedy in 1988 for Good Morning Vietnam, even if our ex-Pom wasn't stationed in the front row of the casting list.

An early start in the 2018 Bobbin Head Cycle Classic

Ann aka ToothFairy and Michael resplendent in their Muggs' jersey at Akuna Bay late Summer 2021

NB:          It took a while to source a moniker for Michael.  Initially we looked for an Englishman with nobility and eminence.  We pondered Oscar Wilde, but upon preliminary investigation found that Oscar was amongst the 1 in 10 males that are attracted to other males and spent some time in prison when this was an offence.  Oscar was also partial to lighting up a cigarette or three.

                Michael is happily married with two children, does what ever his good wife tells him to do, has never spent a solitary night in The Slammer and doesn't smoke cigarettes, so Oscar as a nomenclature got scratched out.  Then Michael suggested Backpacker, but alas that sobriquet was already taken by Barry aka Backpacker.