Campy Aficionado Record

Pete aka Campy Aficionado in his veritable heaven, 'cause Pete happened upon an English made Vincent Series C Cornet 1951 Motor Bike at Mt White, in lovingly restored "mint condition" which Pete would sell his wife in order to own (if he had a wife)

Pete aka Campy Aficionado at West Head mid-July 2008 owns the following potpourri of traditional style road bikes with a preference for French and German components:

  • Felt F55 compact crank, 50/34: something to 23,

  • Shimano Argon 18, 52/39 something to 25, Campag, mostly Record

  • Clamont with Sachs New Success, 52/39:something to 25

  • Conti 52/39: something to 25, a witch's brew

  • 80's Colnago, don't even think about it

Pigging-out with Terry aka Navigator at Bayview Marina - circa Jan '08

En route to Palm Beach - mid-Winter 2010