Ann C. doesn't let on too much of what she does during the week.  ToothFairy is the most punctual at arriving at the advertised start time, and always ready to roll out.  Her habitual discipline provides an insight that Ann is governed by procedures and timetables.  And is neither tormented or trendy.

An amiable, prepossessing and refined lady, who not only adds a touch of class to the "Muggs" but can ride a bike to boot.   

Anne saddled-up for eight consecutive Sydney to the Southport in 7½ days which Rotary Club of Engadine has administered.  The field has swelled to over 100 cyclists Participants pedal between 120 to 155km a day.  The ride is a fund raiser for "Youth off the Street" which is run by Fr. Chris Riley, and generates about $100,000 pa due to generous contributions.  To date the charity has raised over $900,000 in donations. 



Ann, who holds a Degree in Dentistry and other post-grad medical qualifications, operates on faces, sometimes following trauma.  Ann and her late partner, Geoff McK, pioneered Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Australia. 

On each of the last 16 years, Ann, Geoff McK, and a bunch of other anaesthetists and nursing staff from Oz and abroad, travelled to Cebu in the Philippines each April on "Operation Restore Hope" to operate on people with facial deformities, who without such generosity, would not receive treatment which we Australians take for granted.  Cebu, an island area of over 5 million people, has a very high incident of cleft lip and palate deformity.


The team photo for Operation Restore Hope 2003 


Ned and Ann at Mt White circa April 2007


Ann-Marie and ToothFairy at Andy's after 33km if ya started from Nth Turra', but these two didn't


Sloshfest at Duo Montagnes - Sept '07

Taking a breather at the water fountain at crest of KOM Climb from Bobbin Head with a magnificent Christmas tree in the background - Boxing Day 2007.

Approaching Windsor - Aug '10


Above pic is of the only two participants in the annual 7,320km Bamboo Road bicycle ride thru six countries from Taipei to Singapore in 2018 that completed the entire event - no pick-ups by the patrolling Sag Wagon

Ann flew in yesterday (14 April 19) after completing the Nutri laVie - zest for living endurance road bicycle ride in South Africa cycling over 900km over nine ride days from Heidelberg to Queenstown - longest day ride 115km.

BankTeller's only concern is that when Ann fronts Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates, Wise Old Pete might give Ann the thumbs down, 'cause of her deep carbon footprint, seemingly spending half her life jetting around the globe, often up front in 1st Class.  BankTeller always travels 'Cattle' down the back of the plane with all the noise and fumes.

October 2019

Ann aka ToothFairy and Brenda aka Welsh Widget circa early March 2024. They selected 'a backyard haunt' to have their photo snapped locally, wherever locally was?  With A.I. impact these days, they might have been sitting in the back of Brenda's jalopy.