The Bullsheet      Sunrise 6:28am      

Sun, 28 Apr '24 - 8:30am Hornsby or 8:55am Berowra station carpark to Saddles restaurant/cafe 600m past Mt White Village Store arriving from 10:10am. (Train from Hornsby arrives Berowra 8:50am.)
10:45am return via short out/back on Ernbrook Rd (Mt White).  Thence descend from Mt White crossing Hawkesbury River bridge then left into
Brooklyn Rd to Hawkesbury River train station
Trains depart Hawkesbury River train station bound for Hornsby station (53 mins past the hour until/incl 1:53pmTrains depart Hawkesbury River station heading Nth to Gosford station depart 51 mins after the hour
We might kill some time at one of two cafes near train station.  Ride distance 69km (from Hornsby) or 57km (from Berowra).
(BankTeller's RedRattler departs Artarmon 8:09am and arrives Berowra station 8:50am)


Ride Organiser: Phil Johnston aka BankTeller 0434 715.861 [1st Acceptor], David aka OnceAnIronMan [3rd Acceptor) and Eric aka PapaBear [2nd Acceptor], Ann aka ToothFairy [4th Acceptor] are starting from Berowra station carpark. 
George aka Englishman and Chris aka RecalcitrantBankTeller are starting from Hornsby and will meet us at
Saddles restaurant/cafe, then likely cycle onto Peats Ridge.
APOLOGIES: with Park Trek

If you think you are >80% of joining us, please e-mail Scribe and he will add ya in the above.

Sunday, 21st April - Anne's ride from Round Corner Dural carpark to Macquarie Square, Windsor 'n back  -  4 riders -  49km

All the incriminating evidence of 'carbo-loading' and 'drug taking' at Windsor has been removed for this fake all smiles photo.

Sunday, 14 April '24 - Nth St Ives, Duffy's Forest, C/W loop of Illawong Bay and Akuna Bay - 49km - 6 riders started, but only 5 completed due to using re-glued punctured bicycle tubes.
Below photos of Illawong Bay from Matt's "small phone lens".


Sunday - 31st March - Hornsby, Berowra Waters, Galston Village 'n back to Hornsby - 42km - 2 hills  - 6 riders

Our scheduled ride was to start with a descent of Galston Gorge.  But 'with a nip in the air' and the thickest fog since the arrival of man, we opted to ride the loop anti-C/W.

Trevor aka Tornado, looking anything but a Tornado garbed in his motor bike overalls, joined us at Berowra Waters cafe.

Don't buy any food at Water Vista Cafe, Berowra Waters (at least not on a long w'end, unless you have robbed Fort Knox beforehand. 
Now the only cafe at Berowra Waters, the new owner is making hay whilst the sun shines. Just ask Pete aka CampyAficinado
who paid $18.25 for a toasted sandwich and a large coffee.


Click on Relive to experience again last Sunday's ride.  Also view an overhead experience.






"Hornsby or Berowra to Glenorie Village Bakery via Berowra Waters" - 42km - 5 riders

Really strange weather last Sunday, as our 21km ride to the Glenorie Village Bakery was slightly on the chilly side.  Perhaps we shouldn't have chatted about so many deep and meaningful issues for close to 50 mins, 'cause when we returned to our bicycles for the return leg, the weather was oppressively warm, meaning HOT.  And our 2nd Climb a LOT harder.

Nth St Ives to West Head Lookout 'n back - 52km - 4 riders

T'was a hot, muggy morn'.  But ToothFairy didn't hold back.

Trois Montagnes from Nth Turra' to Brooklyn 'n back (15th Jan '23) - 74km - 9 riders

















Click on the 'Relive' image above to view last Sunday's Trois Montagnes route using Google Earth. 
Then click on the 'Right Arrow' therein.  Then click on: 
View interactive route >

Annual Sutherland to Nth Wollongong Lighthouse - 58km - 9 riders

                                                                                             Wake up, Australia

       Eight smiling faces. Alas, Terry aka Navigator, who started with us at Sutherland, missed this pic at our customary Nosh Stop at Ruby's Cafe on Bulli Beach

Click on below 'Relive' image to view last Sunday's New Year's day 'Sutherland to Nth Wollongong' - 58km in Google Earth.

Then click on the 'Right Arrow' therein.  Then click on:  View interactive route > and drag the route with your mouse to evidence a further application of Google Earth 
As Gomer Pyle would say,
Garsh, Sha-zam, Gall-lee!!!

Annual Boxing Day 2022 'catch-up' ride for Recalcitrant, Erstwhile Muggs at Water Vista Cafe, Berowra Waters - the new Manager is Paris

              Eric, Brigetta and Pete aka BeanCounter at the Hornsby start on a warmish morn'

                   Maureen, Pete Eric, Martin, Rick, Arno and Terry

Re-grouping after the climb from Berowra Waters that is now longer 'n steeper due to 'climate change'

All 8 attendees were cheerful, so Santa must've visited 'em.

Annual Boxing Day 2021 'catch-up' ride for Recalcitrant, Erstwhile Muggs at Coffee Kiosk at The Estuary Waterfront Seafood Restaurant - Kangaroo Point - 9 Muggs plus a few stragglers

Eric aka PapaBear recommended The Coffee Kiosk at The Estuary, after our regular haunts were not opening on Boxing Day.  Bereft of motor bikes and juxtaposed against the Hawkesbury River, it is a venue that Muggs will visit often.

Evidence Google Earth 'at play'.

Left mouse click on this Google Earth image. Then left mouse click in the Right arrow therein, to view our out 'n back 47km route.

Then click on: View interactive route to evidence a further application of Google Earth.


As Gomer Pyle would say, Goooolly !!!

Brief report on 2022 New Year's Day annual ride from Sutherland to Nth Wollongong, thence train home
Lois aka LoisLane, Phil aka BankTeller, Eric aka PapaBear and David aka  Once an IronMan experienced a coolish morn to safely cycle to Nth Wollongong.  Eric opted to cycle back to Sutherland from our Nosh Stop at Ruby's Cafe BulliAnn aka ToothFairy squibbed it preferring to hike in Tasmania.

Pics from Hornsby to Mt White, return by Berowra Waters - 88km  -  6 riders

Three pics at a verdant Mt White Road Warriors Cafe on a day when too many motor bikes passed us too close and too fast, too often.

Syd aka MotorMechanic is now the 5th Mugg rider to purchase the same flight ticket to Milan, Italy for Tour Italia this August which includes 30kgs luggage

MotorMechanic has booked a two person bungalow at same camp ground in Colfosco.  Tour Italia informs that Bank Teller has sourced a second apartment in Bormio for 500 Euro for our 7 days in Bormio which can accommodate up to 4 adults.  Scott aka Patternmaker will concur that it won't be available for long as it took a LOT of searching to find our first apartment 'cause we are there in peak Summer season.  So if you would like to share these two apartments, thereby securing a cheap deal, and climb for up to 18 climb days with Muggs 'burgeoning contingent', contact Syd or Bank Teller pronto.

Bank Teller's pics of Hornsby for Tour de Wisemans Ferry, return via Cliftonville, Stone House Café Maroota, Halcrows Rd, Cattai Ridge Rd, Galston Gorge  -  118km  -  12 riders

Above pics at Wisemans Ferry after 49.7km from Hornsby

Above five pics at Maroota Stone House cafe after 71km where we got white table cloth treatment.
Bank Teller rec'd an email on Wed 5 Feb from Amy G_ymer, Tenant/Cafe Mgr, informing that she was closing her occupancy this Saturday, because the Owner/Landlord refused to expend monies to achieve Compliance determined by Local Council.  This is a real shame because Amy was an exceedingly zealous/fervent Tenant/Cafe Mgr.  

Bank Teller's pics of  Hornsby, Mt White, Peats Ridge, Yarramalong - "Iron Horse” home from Wyong train station  -  94km -  6 riders

We came across a Red Chook at Mt. White that wasn't afraid of "any dumb human"

Scribe   15 Aug '15