Lois Lane
Don't know a lot about Lois to date, except that she works as a fitness trainer at Toyota's Plant at Caringbah, does most of her cycling on the Southside 'cause that is where she lives, and is one of Team Muggaccinos 11 strong contingent attending Tour Down Under. 
Pic on RHS was snapped at Brooklyn Pier in Oct '09.
Oh, and one further thing, Lois is Dam Strong on a bike, especially in the hills. Maybe she shoots up on Kryptonite which was the stuff that used to bring Superman to his knees and paralyze all his marvelous Super Powers

whereupon Superman was powerless to ensure that good always prevailed over evil and Superman could again defeat that master villain, Lex Luthor, which is why Lois admired Superman so much.  


But the strongest stuff that Lois seems to get a zing from looks as if it comes out of aluminum cans in the below pic.


Three snaps from Peter Tyson's Vic tour in April 2009