PatternMaker on far LHS at Otford Pie Shop on a coolish July day 2008

Scott is a Pattern Maker working in a highly specialized heavy engineering tooling field for Weir Minerals at Artarmon.

Mining companies and other large companies, from time to time, require new specialist tooling equipment built to exceeding fine tolerances which will not fatigue under high loads. 

Scott draws upon his metal engineering acumen to design and build moulds for castings thereby enabling metal fabricators to sometimes mass produce new equipment.  Or it may be a small quantity limited order.

Think of a new, sexy hub for an expensive car wheel for a high performance motor car. 

PatternMaker could make a new wheel hub out of for example wood.  It may well even be in segments that could be taken apart. In broad terms you get a very strong box in two halves split through the middle, fill the first half with a special sand, lay the wooden wheel pattern in it, put the second half of the box on top of that, fill that with the special sand, lock the box, apply pressure, maybe a bit of heat and let the sand 'go off'.  Undo the box, take out the wooden pattern, relock the box, then pour in molten cast iron. Let it cool, undo the box, take out the cast iron 'wheel' and knock off the sand that may be still attached, remove the excess 'stick' of cast iron that was formed when the molten metal cooled in the 'alley' that was used to get the molten material into the middle of the mould.

A less dynamic order may be to design and make replacement parts for a large industrial hydraulic pump that cops a pounding.

That is something like how it works and what Scott does.  However, PatternMaker will probably chuckle at this layman's explanation, but it's the best that Peter aka Campy Aficionado and Scribe can come up with.

Scott is a strong cyclists who thrives on hills, having scaled the treacherous Bowen Mountain in 39/25.  If you see Jean aka ChiliDog putting-in the Big Clicks, expect to see Scott hot on his heels.

He is also a man of few words preferring his legs do the talking.  Upon Scribe endeavoring to get some dirt on him, PatternMaker retorted: 

"You asked me what I like doing. I only have four passions. My bike, my beer, my boat and my wife. Most days probably in that order.  Except when we take our annual holidays at South West Rocks when my loyal wife takes precedence, except of course not ahead of my boat."

Scott holds a view that "An Army marches on its stomach" also held by ChiliDog and PacificPete - Austinmer  July 2008

Scott in hot pursuit of the lead cyclists from Mt White 

On Sunday, 18th May '14, in training for Tour Italia Alps, and in pursuit of 'Everesting' the 2.55km ascent from Berowra Creek in Crosslands Reserve up Somerville Rd to the entrance to the 'regional park' in Berowra Valley, Scott completed 10 ascents - ave of 7.85% - max of 12.4%.  The summit of Mount Everest is 8,848 meters high (29,028 feet).  Scott's vert. ascent was 10 x 204 metres = 2,040 metres which is 23.06% of 'Everesting'.  Scott will need to complete 43.37 ascents from Berowra Creek to the Gates in order to 'Everest' it.  Everesting an ascent which averages 7.85% would be impressive.  Go Scott!!!  But suggest you attempt it on the longest day, 21 Dec, where sun rises at 5:40am and sets at 8:06pm or fits light weight lights. Scott's 10 ascents is the equivalent distance, max gradient and ave gradient to climbing the 48 switchbacks up Stelvio from Prad which 6 Muggs will be riding in August on Tour de Italia.

In 2014, whilst training for Muggs' Tour de Italian Alps, on the same day Scott ascended from Crosslands Reserve to the KOM 10 times.

On another day prior to our visit to Italy, Scott scaled the arduous Bowen Mountain 8 times over 3hrs 19 min