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Sunday, 21May '23 - Hornsby station carpark 7:45am, or Ayres Rd/Mona Vale Rd, East St Ives 8:05am, or outside Terrey Hills Fruit Barn 8:20am or outside Tempo Cafe, Terrey Hills 8:30am to catch 10.30am Ferry from Palm Beach Wharf to Wagstaffe Wharf  (ferry timetable).  Thence cycle via Killcare, McMasters Beach, Marie Byles Lookout, Cullens Rd to Woy Woy Fishermans' Wharf for early lunch, then 300m to Woy Woy station train back to Hornsby - max route 77km, slightly/flatter shorter from Turramurra station to St Ives then Tempo Cafe, Terrey Hills start from 8:30am.
Or turn around at Palm Beach with a Nosh Stop at Church Point - 92km
Those with a Seniors Card should receive the concessional $4.40 one-way fare, but pay $3 for the bicycle. 

Print out  77.2km Ride Description  and  77.2km Summary Data

Ride Organiser Phil Johnston aka Bank Teller  0434 715.861 [1st Acceptor] plans to catch 7:48am Artarmon train arrives Turramurra station at 8:06am and cycle via St Ives and wait outside Tempo Cafe, Terrey Hills before 8:30amHis route from Turramurra station is left down Pacific H'way for 300m, Left (past AMPOL station) into Ku'ring'gai Ave which veers left after 120m.  After 600m Right into Boomerang St for 500m.  Cross Bobbin Head Rd and proceed ahead into Pentacost Ave for 1.3km.  Left into Mona Vale Rd for 3km.  Left into McCarrs Creek Rd to Tempo Cafe, Terrey Hills arrive by 8:30am.

Descend to Church Point for 1st Sag Stop (5 min) from 9:15am.  The cycle to Palm Beach Ferry.

Chris aka RecalcitrantBankTeller plans to cycle to Woy Woy Fishermans' Wharf.
Alan aka PharLap may start from outside Tempo Cafe, Terrey Hills by 8:40am. 

Jean aka ChiliDog [4th Acceptor] may catch the ferry to Manly and ride to Palm Beach.

George aka Englishman [5th Acceptor] is a starter.

Pete aka CampyAficinado family commitment in Melb.
Ann aka ToothFairy in the U.K. 'til late Winter.

Eric aka PapaBear is recovering from a hip replacement last Wed.

If you are >80% of joining us, contingent upon a fine morn', please e-mail or 'phone Scribe and he will add ya in the above.  


From outside Tempo Cafe, Terrey Hills 8:30am left and descend McCarrs Creek Rd for 1st Sag Stop at Church Point (5 min) from 9:15am.  By 9:25am thence 4km laterinto Mona St, R into Waterview St, L into Barrenjoey Rd near Bungan Beach, thru Newport, Bilgola, left into Old Barrenjoey Rd passing thru Avalon Village.  Left returning onto Barrenjoey Rd for 6km to arrive Palm Beach Wharf by 10:20am to catch 10:30am ferry ride and take 1st Nosh Stop (30 min trip) to Wagstaffe Wharf.  

Upon alighting the ferry, we pedal 7km Nth from Wagstaffe Wharf to Marie Byles Lookout, McMasters Beach, continue Nth 9.4km to Cnr Scenic Rd & Cullens Rd. Then 15.4km from Cullens Rd to Woy Woy Fishermans' Wharf.

1st       Church Point   

2nd      Marie Byles Lookout, McMasters Beach

Nosh Stops:
1st       Palm Beach General Store                   

2nd     Woy Woy Fishermans' Wharf

1st Leg:    Hornsby Jersey St carpark to Tempo Cafe, Terrey Hills         13.9km     40 min     depart Hornsby 7:45am - arrive Tempo Cafe, Terrey Hills 8:30am

2nd Leg:  Tempo Cafe, Terrey Hills to Church Point                              16.2km      45 min    depart  Tempo Cafe, Terrey Hills 8:30am - arrive Church Point 9:15am

3rd Leg:   Church Point to Palm Beach General Store                          18.6km      55 min    depart Church Point 9:20am - arrive Palm Beach Wharf by 10:20am for 10:30am ferry

4th Leg:    Wagstaffe Wharf to Marie Byles Lookout                                7.0km      21 min     depart Wagstaffe Wharf 11am - arrive Marie Byles Lookout 11:08am

5th Leg:    Marie Byles Lookout to Cnr Scenic Rd & Cullens Rd              9.4km      30 min    depart Marie Byles Lookout 11:30am - arrive Cnr Scenic Rd & Cullens Rd 11:54am

6th Leg:    Cullens Rd to Woy Woy Fishermans' Wharf                         15.4km      45 min    depart Cullens Rd 12pm - arrive Woy Woy Fishermans' Wharf 12:41pm


Hornsby car park

leg km




leg time

hr : m

L Jersey St 0.1 Roundabout ~ S 0.35 0:00
A Station St 0.3 Pacific H'way ~ S 1.3 0:01
L Pacific H'way 0.5 Edgeworth David Ave ~ SE 1.5 0:03
L Edgeworth David Ave 2 F3 Overpass ~ E 4.5 0:07
A Junction Rd 1.3 Eastern Rd ~ E 3 0:10
R Eastern Rd 0.7 Burns Rd ~ E 1.7 0:12
L Burns Rd 2.2 Warrimoo Ave ~ S 5 0:17
A Killeaton St 2.3 Memorial Ave ~ E 5 0:22
R Memorial Ave 0.5 Mona Vale Rd ~ S 1 0:23
L Mona Vale Rd 1 St Ives carpark ~ E 2.2 0:25
  1st Sag Stop   St Ives carpark     5 0:30
L Mona Vale Rd 6.5 Myoora Rd ~ NE 16 0:46
L Myoora Rd 0.1 opposite Terrey Hill Fruit Barn ~ NE 0.3 0:46
A Myoora Rd 3 Booralie Rd ~ NNE 8 0:59
R Booralie Rd 0.3 McCarrs Creek Rd ~ NWW 1 1:00
L McCarrs Creek Rd 2.2 dual entrance to park \ W 5 1:05
A McCarrs Creek Rd 2.8 McCarrs Creek Bridge \ E 6 1:11
A McCarrs Creek Rd 5.3 Church Point \ E 12 1:23
  2nd Sag Stop   Church Point     10 1:33
A McCarrs Creek Rd 2.1 Bayview Marina ~ SE 5.15 1:39
A Pittwater Rd 1.3 Mona St ~ SE 3.5 1:42
L Mona St - SIGNPOST 0.7 Waterview St  ~ SE 0.5 1:43
R Waterview St  1.0 Barrenjoey Rd ~ SE 1 1:44
L Barrenjoey Rd 0.7 Beaconsfield St ~ NNE 3.5 1:47
A Barrenjoey Rd 4 Old Barrenjoey Rd ~ NNE 10 1:57
L Old Barrenjoey Rd 0.9 enter Barrenjoey Rd ~ NNE 2.5 2:00
L Barrenjoey Rd 1.3 Nth Avalon Rd ~ NNE 3.5 2:04
A Barrenjoey Rd 0.15 Whale Beach Rd ~ NNE 0.4 2:04
A Barrenjoey Rd 4.00 Palm Beach General Store ~ NNE 1 2:21
  1st Nosh Stop 0 Palm Beach Wharf     16 2:37
    0 Wagstaffe Wharf     35 3:12
A Carpark 0.1 Wagstaffe Ave ~ SE 0.3 3:12
L Wagstaffe Ave 0.45 Pretty Beach Rd ~ E 1.2 3:13
R Pretty Beach Rd 1 Heath Rd ~ E 2.5 3:16
R Heath Rd 2.2 Killcare Rd ~ NE 6 3:22
R Killcare Rd 0.4 The Scenic Rd ~ NE 1.1 3:23
L The Scenic Rd 0.5 Wards Hill Rd ~ NE 1.4 3:24
A The Scenic Rd 1.3 Marie Byles Lookout / NE 3.6 3:28
  4th Sag Stop 0 Marie Byles Lookout     10 3:38
A The Scenic Rd 9.4 The Cullens Rd ~ NE 24 4:02
L The Scenic Rd 0.35 Empire Bay Drive \ W 1 4:03
L Empire Bay Drive 9 The Rip Bridge ~ SW 23 4:26
A Maitland Bay Drive 1.7 Memorial Rd ~ WSW 5.5 4:31
R Memorial Rd 0.1 Gallipoli Ave ~ N 0.3 4:32
L Gallipoli Ave 1 Ocean Beach Rd ~ W 3 4:35
R Ocean Beach Rd 1.6 Rawson Rd ~ N 2.6 4:37
A Ocean Beach Rd 0.7 Railway St ~ W 2.5 4:40
R Railway St 0.9 Gnostic Marna Cafe, Woy Woy / NE 3 4:43
  2nd Nosh Stop 77.2 Woy Woy     283 4:43

Risk Warning
Some forms of cycling are dangerous.  An ave of 36 Australian cyclists have been killed annually since 2000.  95% of these fatalities occur on the road Other cyclists in Australia break bones and incur nerve impairment from falling off their bikes in accidents. 
A cyclist could fall from his/her bike, inter alia, due to -
(i)      being hit by a car or another cyclist; or
(ii)     encountering a pothole;
(iii)    cycling too fast on a wet downhill where the coefficient of friction is much less, particularly at corners; or
(iv)    getting their bicycle wheel caught in a gap in a timber bridge.

A negligent cyclist could -

(a)    be litigated by a seriously injured cyclist, or 3rd party (ie. a woman pushing a pram on a footpath or a car driver) under common law where the damages could exceed $500,000; and

(b)    lose his/her home if he/she did not have public liability insurance which covers their negligence whilst on a push bike.

A negligent cyclist who did not have personal injury insurance (ie self-employed without income protection cover) could struggle to meet regular outgo commitments.

A seriously injured cyclist could be awarded damages which a negligent cyclist could not afford to pay if the negligent cyclist -
(I)     did not have public liability insurance cover; and/or
(II)    did not possess valuable assets.

     Cycling without Public Liability cover is as silly as driving without 3rd Party -
 join Bicycle NSW for PL insurance, so that all Muggs are better protected

     Click on: Risk Management which warns of 'inter alia', the dangers of cycling on public roads with motor cars, potholes and over bridges with vertical timber planks with gaps

     Cycling with Muggs is predicated upon notifying Bank Teller if you materially disagree with any clause(s) in Muggaccinos' "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment"

16 April 23 - Sunday's Hornsby, Beaumont Rd, Cowan General Store & Cafe.  Return via Kalkari Reserve to Hornsby - 43km - 3 riders

Journeyman Trevor aka Tornado's appearance last Sunday dragged the average age down but you might not notice it.  Only joshing, Trev.

Peaceful, serene Kalkari Reserve                   

Click on 'Relive' image to view last Sunday's ride Then click on the 'Right Arrow' therein.  Then click on:  View interactive route > to evidence a further application of Google Earth 

9 April 23 - Galston Gorge - Berowra Waters C/W loop                         

                             ToothFairy, OnceAnIronMan and BankTeller enjoying balmy sunshine of the Berowra Waters Ferry

Sunday's East St Ives, West Head, Akuna Bay, Illawong Bay thence up the hill back to St Ives  - 60km

Click on the above 'Relive' image to view last Sunday's Visit to glorious, but steepish West Head, returning via Akuna Bay and Illawong Bay, thence back to N/E St Ives - 60km in Google Earth.

Then click on the 'Right Arrow' therein.  Then click on:  View interactive route > to evidence a further application of Google Earth 
As Gomer Pyle would say, Goooolly !!!

Below are ToothFairy's four pics on a sunny Winter's morn'.

St Ives, West Head, return via Illawong Bay  -  62.5km - 7 riders if we count in Michael aka GoodMorningVietnam and George and Chris who joined our ride at Akuna Bay


Click on above 'Relive' image on RHS to view last Sunday's St Ives, West Head, return via Akuna Bay - 62.5km in Google Earth.

Then click on the 'Right Arrow' therein.  Then click on:  View interactive route > to evidence a further application of Google earth 
As Gomer Pyle would say, Goooolly !!!


St Ives, Illawong Bay, Akuna Bay, Warriewood, Wakehurst Pky  -  65km

Akuna Bay Nosh Stop of a corker of a Winter's morn', albeit a tad 'fresh' early

View from the Warriewood Headland

Hornsby to Wyong  -  93km  -  9 riders

Above three Happy Snaps at Mt White Village store aprs 35km

The cafe in the gas station at Yarramalong Valley after 75km

Scribe   8 Jan '17