Phar Lap

Alan aka Phar Lap is one of those rare breed who was born with a highly efficient "pump and wind bags" 'cause they are both 'relatively large'.  Hence, Alan, a retired Quantity Surveyor, can still 'hammer up the hills' and 'swim like a fish' when Alan competes in the annual 2.6km Palm Beach to Whale Beach 'BIG SWIM' Alan, is also a highly skilled descender on the bike who can "lean into a corner" better than most.

Alan, and wife Sharyn, are joining Muggs' contingent for the 2nd Tour de Conquer in September, but arriving a few weeks earlier to suss out parts of Germany 'et al'.  Alan and Sharon have cycled in France a few times previously, and are familiar with both the Two Base Camps.

Alan and Sharon doing what they enjoy "mostest"

Pete aka Pacific and Alan circa 2004

Ian Hamilt_n and Alan relaxing after another day ride in the Vic 'High Country' circa 2006

In a pensive, reflective, 'tuckered-out' mood 'post' ride