The Bullsheet

Monday 10 Nov to mid-arvo Sunday 16 Nov '08 - 5th annual King of the Mountain Challenge in Illawarra & Southern Highlands listed in NSW - Click on"  November "Push On" 

Option to drive from Sydney to Albion Park Rail early Saturday morn' for final two tough KOM Climb days

Ø    Click on: Risk Warnings which warns of the dangers of cycling on public roads with motor cars, potholes and over bridges with vertical timber planks with gaps

Ø    Cycling with Muggs is predicated upon notifying Bank Teller if you materially disagree with any clause(s) in Muggaccinos' "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment"

Ø    Cycling without Public Liability cover is as silly as driving without 3rd Party - join Bicycle NSW for PL insurance, or upgrade your household policy to include PL beyond your front fence, so that all Muggs are better protected, 'cause if you cause a serious accident it could cost you upwards of $1m in PL claims by the injured 3rd party

Ø    When passing a fellow Mugg, always provide a metre clearance.  If you can't, or are passing on the inside, you MUST call out loudly eg. "passing inside tight" etc

    Keep well to LHS of the road, don't ride two abreast on single lane roads with an unbroken centre line

    You MUST dismount when crossing the scenic stone-arched Hampden Bridge (1km West of Kangaroo Valley) because of dangerous gaps in the timber beams which could dismount a cyclist

Snapshot:  20 cyclists have now confirmed they are attending albeit spread over 7 days with peak numbers of 15 circa on Sat.  Camp at delightful Berry Showground  for up to 7 nights and climb all 12 KOM Climbs in Illawarra Climb Region by using local train [3 of the 7 mornings) to Bomaderry, Kiama and Albion Park to commence marvellous KOM Climbs like Jamberoo Pass, Saddleback Mountain, Macquarie Pass and Cambewarra Mtn.  Some descend to pristine, verdant Kangaroo Valley.  By Sunday, you will be au fait with the bestest cluster of KOM Climbs in NSW. A different ride route each day - no repeats.

Muggaccinos invite you to 5th annual King of the Mountain Challenge staying in the pristine township of Berry, from Monday 10th Nov to Sunday 16th Nov 2008 with most camping at the verdant Berry Showground which adjoins the 20 yards Berry Swimming Pool for $6p/n with warm shower, to cycle seven 60km / 77km Hilly Day Rides (Monday to Sunday inclusive) in the Mecca of scenic cycling country, namely the Southern Highlands, which include all 11 KOM Climbs in the Illawarra Climb RegionCyclists are encouraged to log a Climb Time at KOMpm.comEach day's ride heads NW twds Kangaroo Valley / Fitzroy FallsOn three of the seven morns' we catch trains from Berry station to nearby -

            *        Tues - Bomaderry station to climb Cambewarra Mountain from both sides;
*        Wed - Kiama station to climb Saddleback Mountain up Saddleback Mountain Rd and Jamberoo Pass; and

            *        Sat - Albion Park Rail station to climb Macquarie Pass and Saddleback Mountain up Fountaindale Rd.

            *        Fri - Bomaderry station to climb Cambewarra Mountain from both sides;

If you aren't up to serious climbing, shorter / flatter routes are available between Berry and

*        East quiet countryside to Seven Mile Beach's national Park, picnic area and surf and return - 16km

*        To Bomaderry via Sth down Wharf Rd, Ahead into Coolangatta Rd, R into Bryce's Rd, R into Back Forest Rd, R into Bolong Rd to Bomaderry and retrace - 44.4km

*        picturesque Gerroa Beach is just a few flat km away. 

*        rustic Gerringong and Shoalhaven Heads.

Detailed Ride Descriptions for the following Day Rides are accessible in "Rides Calendar 2007 - Oct to Dec" at a URL under the distance eg ''52.6 in the 'km' column for the particular date, or in the 'km' column below:






  Day 1


11am Start Berry Showground climb Woodhill Mountain descend to Kangaroo Valley, climb Cambewarra Mtn, descend Berry Mtn to Berry



  Day 2


8:54am Train from Berry to Bomaderry, climb Cambewarra to Kangaroo Valley, climb Cambewarra from Kangaroo Valley, climb Bellawongara to Berry



Day 3Wed

8:03am Train from Berry to Kiama - climb Saddleback Mtn Rd, descend Fountaindale Rd, climb Jamberoo Pass to Budderoo Plateau, then to Robertson Pie Shop descend Macq Pass to Albion Park- train to Berry



Day 4Thurs 9am Start Berry Bakery, climb Woodhill Mountain descend to Kangaroo Valley, climb Cambewarra from Kangaroo Valley, descend to Bomaderry247.1

  Day 5


8:30am Start Berry Bakery, climb Berry Mountain to Kangaroo Valley, climb Woodhill Mountain descend Berry Mtn to Berry



  Day 6


8:48am Train from Berry to Albion Park, climb Macquarie Pass to Robertson Pie Shop, descend Jamberoo Pass, climb Fountaindale Rd to Saddleback Mtn, descend Saddleback Mtn Rd to Kiama



  Day 7


8:30am Start Berry Bakery, climb Berry Mountain to Kangaroo Valley, climb Barrengarry Mtn to Fitzroy Falls, climb Berry Mountain to Berry






Download Bank Teller's spreadsheet which tabulated the above Ride Schedule.

It contains the following broadsheets:


(i)         Day Rides Calendar

(ii)        Day Rides Summary

(iii)       Above 7 Ride Descriptions

(iv)       Train timetables for South Coast - Central to/from Bomaderry:
            (a)       in case anyone wants to catch a train from/to Sydney and Berry, and
            (b)       on 3 days we catch a train from Berry to commence from Bomaderry, Kiama and Albion Park Rail.  Due to the local train being only 2 carriages, we will drive a few cars with bike racks to Bomaderry, Kiama and Albion Park Rail stations, and catch the trains back there after the rides to pick-up the cars.

Cause the train can't hold many bikes, some cyclists will have to drive to the below Start points, with drivers catching the train back to Bomaderry, Kiama and Albion Park stations to collect their jalopies post ride.

Our camp ground is 200m from train station.  Trains take 3 hours from Central Railway station to Berry station.

Trains from Central Railway station to Berry station. 
Click on:  Mon to Fri -
Central 7:58am arriving Berry 10:44am
or Central 9:38am arriving Berry 12:19pm or
Central 12:38pm arriving Berry 4:07pm or Central 2:27pm arriving Berry  5:18pm or
Central 5:42pm arriving Berry 8:34pm

Saturday morn' -  Departing Central station at 6:40am arriving Albion Park Rail station 8:43am (we will wait for you to arrive)

Sat & Sun - Berry station to Central station             

                  Berry station 1:40pm to Central Railway station 4:57pmBerry station 4:58pm to Central Railway station 7:58pm

Click on: Accommodation in Berry if you don't want to camp at quaint Berry Showground or the weather turns nasty


Click on: Directions to Berry and camping at Berry Showground

Click on: Meals at night for an array of fine restaurants befitting the quaint Berry township - toast of the Southern Highlands

Click on: Pics taken at first three annual Berry KOM Challenges

Click on: Pacific Pete's movie of Fri 17-18th Nov 2006 Berry "King of the Mountain" Challenge produced by Peter Tyson

Click on: Scribe's rap-up and pics from 4th Berry "King of the Mountain Challenge Series"  -  21 Climbers over 7 glorious days

Bank Teller expects -


(i)        circa 40 hill climbers will participate at some time over the 7 days of cycling from Mon to Sunday inclusive; and


(ii)       a few cyclists my Climb all 11 arduous, spectacular KOM Climbs in the Illawarra Climb Region and log their Climb Times in


The Climb Reports menu available in include 'Climb Region Reports' for each 'Age Division', so the website displays 'Climber Rankings' for the Illawarra Climb Region 11 Climbs.  


It doesn't cost you anything -


(i)        to indicate your interest in participating this November; or

(ii)       if you have to bail-out at the 11th hour


Download below poster for Berry KOM Challenge and invite your bike shop to display it, because more good road cycling "product", such as this annual 7 day assault on all the marvelous mountains in the Southern Highlands and Kiama, will induce more people to road cycling the best concentration of serious climbs in NSW:


*        Word version


*        HTM version


Risk Warning:  King of the Mountain Challenge is targeted at road cyclists who have climbed lots of hills.  The ride schedule between Monday and Sunday entails climbing and descending 11 marvellous KOM Climbs.  Take the descents slowly, even if the cyclist ahead is ripping down the mountain.   One badly taken corner in concert with a motorist coming up the other way, could result in a bad accident...............for you, where they may need paint scrappers and blotters to get you up.  The challenge is in the climb, not the descent.


Tour de Whale Beach -  79km  -  9 cyclists

Tony aka Samurai, Pete aka CampyAficionado, BankTeller and Jean aka ChiliDog rolled out of St Ives at 7:30am.  The Kaiser joined us shortly thereafter, followed by Grant aka BeanCounter. Kerry aka Miner linked-in at  Trevor aka Tornado and PacificPete joined us at Whale Beach cafe. Muggs may have two new starters.


Five of the crew, incl 2 potential new crew, at Whale Beach cafe   0434 715.861  9114.6689