Scribe's rap-up and pics from 4th Berry "King of the Mountain Challenge Series"  -  21 Climbers over 7 days

Our 4th Berry KOM Challenge was characterised by stellar efforts from two of the oldest cyclists (Publican and Harry aka KayakMan) and the youngest (Laurence aka Tyro).  We enjoyed marvellous weather throughout -
*        sometimes seemingly too hot slogging up the climbs, and
*        occasionally too cold pedalling along the top of ridges. 

State Rail came up trumps with reliable rail services for us to get our treadleys -
*        to Bombaderry, Kiama and Albion Park on Tues, Wed and Sat respectively, and
*        return from Albion Park and Kiama on Wed and Sat. 

Harry climbed all 11 KOM Climbs, some more than once and Berry Mtn (from Berry) thrice.  Harry's front cranks are 50/34 and a 12/25 rear cassette.  So KayakMan's lowest gear is 34/25 which means for every pedal rev slogging up the steepest hills his rear wheel rotates 1.36 revs which puts a big load on Harry's quads.  Scribe also climbed all 11 KOM climbs.  Scribe's lowest gear is 28/28 meaning his rear wheel only rotates once which logically is a lot, lot easier.

Publican's finest hour (climb day) was Wed excelling by scaling super-steep 5km Saddleback Mtn and the arduous 18.8km Jamberoo Pass to the Famous Robertson Pie Shop.  Tony's lowest gearing was 39/29 which revs the rear wheel 1.345 times which is a scintilla easier than Harry's combo.  But humongously harder that Scribe's easy-peasy 1 : 1.

Laurence aka Tyro, who had to bail-out on Wed morn' due to a Uni exam on Thurs morn', veritably flew up the hills.  But what would you expect from a fly-weight 21 year old who doesn't imbibe.  Greg aka ArchitectToo was another who picked up the cudgel to scale Fountaindale Rd in preparation this Sunday for his 160km lumpy loop of Lake Taupo across the ditch.