Heineken  or  The Kaiser

With a name like Arno, it isn’t a surprise he hails from places far north - Enschede, Holland.  The Kaiser studied marketing and leisure studies and has worked in insurance and consulted to Rabobank. 

and Physio took up cycling in 1994, with a 4 day trip to Barrington Tops. By their own admission it wasn’t a big success, having got lost and they ran out of water.  The eventful story is on Arno's website:


Snippets are in English, in particular the recount of their journey through Southeast Asia - March to October 2002. Since that inauspicious “opening effort” into Barrington Tops, they have done one or more cycle trips almost yearly in Holland, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and Greece.
Arno has completed a course in website design and hopefully will provide some bells 'n whistles to Muggs’ website.



Sarah is home grown, upper north shore, and studied Human Movement at UTS Lindfield where she met Arno in ’94 when the big Dutchman was an exchange student in Leisure Studies.  In 1995 Sarah went to Holland to live with Arno, aka Heineken, in Tilburg, and commenced a physiotherapy degree course in 1996 in Utrecht.  Three years later Physio rec'd her degree and has since worked as a physiotherapist in a Dutch hospital until Arno & Sarah left Holland in March 2002.


Arno nursing son,
Kai, at PitS - circa Oct '07

Arno's daughter, Eyvonne, visiting pop at PitS

Approaching and departing Cnr of Old Northern Rd and Halcrows Rd - Jan '08


Two of Arno's friends, Francè and Werner, on holiday from Holland to attend the pending wedding, joined Muggs' Cinque Montagnes ride on 19 Roctober.  Regular Muggs' riders take the picturesque Berowra Waters for granted, as we also do at majestic West Head, and serene McCarrs Creek, and a plethora of the other scenic countryside which Muggs' 22 rides pass thru.  But the wonderment and awe that tourists often exhibit on Muggs' rides, can be a telling reminder how fortunate we are with so many waterways and 3km to 4km climbs and downhills.