Samurai   'No-Show'

Why does a once remorseless, combatant Japanese Warrior, now carry the unsolicited, unwelcome, unwanted handle of 'No-Show' ? 
Why was that 'handle' bequeathed by his closest cycle buddies who would usually 'cut some slack' and allow some tolerance, particularly as T.J. now shoulders the responsibility for three others?  
Either his closest friends are heartless and caleous.  If so, should he pick his friends better?  Or is the new moniker warranted?  

Shintaro, star of the 60s The Samurai TV serial,  was the best Ninja sword fighter ever. Together with his loyal buddy, Tombei the Mist, Shintaro could chop-up stacks of the bad Black Ninjas and never get a scratch.

Check the resemblance between the master swordsman above and the dude beneath.




T.J. in dialogue with I.T. Nerd at the Sunrise Cafe Warriewood circa deep Winter 2007


TJ is a Dad, but fortunately Cohen David Jan, born 4 June 2010, at 10.30pm weighing 3.28kg (7lb) and 50cm long, bears a closer resemblance to his 'mom', Nicole.