The Bullsheet    Sunrise is 6:53am     Sunny day forecast     11am - Ferry boat ride to Patonga Wharf


Sunday, 27 July '14 to Palm Beach, catch 11am ferry to Patonga, pedal to Woy Woy, catch Iron Horse to Brooklyn and pedal back to St. Ives'

*    Hornsby Jersey St carpark 8:40am for 85.9km -  ETR Hornsby 3:10pm; or  

*    St Ives carpark 9:10am for 89km  -  ETR St Ives 4pm

Shorter option:  Stay on train from Woy Woy all the way back to Hornsby, reducing route by 19km
By starting at Hornsby you avoid the ride leg from Hornsby to St Ives after alighting the train at Hornsby


Ride Organiser, Phil aka BankTeller [1st Responder] and Syd aka MotorMechanic [3rd Responder] are starting from St Ives carpark at 9:10am, 'cause they live on the coast.
Jean aka ChiliDog [2nd Responder] and Scott aka PatternMaker [4th Responder] are riding from their (respective) homes to the St Ives carparkTrevor aka Tornado  [5th Responder] will ride from his Manly Vale 'digs' if he isn't working.  Bill aka Glasgow [6th Responder] hopes to ride with us to the Palm Beach ferry, but suffers from sea sickness even taking a bath.

........... is starting from Hornsby Jersey St carpark at 8:40am to avoid pedaling back to St Ives in busy traffic.

Lea aka SlowLea [4th Responder], Jane aka NeoLuddite (turning around at Church Point) [5th Responder] and  [7th Responder], Pete aka AnotherBeanCounter [8th Responder], Graham aka JackSprat [9th Responder], Matt aka GreenMonkey [10th Responder],


David aka CricketTragic is attending a 'secret training session' in northern Italia - not cheating on his 'cinque compadres', but bordering on it.  See his Pics from Lake Garda -  July '14.  Hard to believe, but Dave 'bumped into' John aka BakerBoy at Lake Garda.

If you think you are >80% of joining us, predicated on the prospect of a fine dry morning, please e-mail Scribe, and he will add you above

1st Leg:  Hornsby Jersey St carpark to St Ives carpark - 9km - 25 min

8:40am cycle the following main roads route which early on Sunday morn' has low road traffic which follows the street signs to St Ives: 

  • Left down Pacific H'way for 800m

  • Left into Edgeworth David Ave to F3 Overpass for 2km

  • Ahead into Junction Rd for 1.3km

  • Right into Eastern Rd for 700m

  • Left into Burns Rd for 2.2km,

  • Ahead into Killeaton St for 2.3km,

  • Right into Memorial Ave for 500m,

  • Left into Mona Vale Rd for 100m. 

2nd Leg St Ives carpark to Church Point - 20.4km (agg 29.4km from Hornsby) - 45 min

By 9:10am cycle -

  • E along Mona Vale Rd for 6.6km;

  • L [opposite Forest Way - at Terrey Hills Fruit Barn] into Myoora Rd and take a 1st Sag Stop (5 min) - don't cluster at Sag Stop, rather spread thin to get well to LHS of Myoora Rd;

  • Ahead along Myoora Rd for 200m, and fork right, still Myoora Rd for 2.9km

  • R into Booralie Rd for 300m passing Terrey Hills shops and roundabout;

  • L to McCarrs Creek Rd and descend 2.2km into the park - to the V (dual entrances to the park);

  • fork and pedal 2.8km descending McCarrs Creek Rd to McCarrs Creek bridge;

  • Ahead 5.5km along McCarrs Creek Rd to Church Point at 9:55am 2nSag Stop (10 min) - Be ready to roll out promptly to catch 11am ferry;

3rd LegChurch Point to Palm Beach via direct route up main beach road - 15km - 45 min (agg 44.4km from Hornsby)

By 10:05am cycle -

  • East twds Mona Vale for 3½km - road becomes Pittwater Rd past Cabbage Tree Rd (on RHS) to Mona Rd;

  • L into Mona Rd for 200m up real steep short hill to crest;

  • Right for 700m;

  • L into busy Barrenjoey Rd for 11km of views of the Blue Pacific past Bungan Beach thru Newport, Bilgola, Avalon, Whale Beach to arrive Palm Beach Wharf at 8:50am on the bay side arriving to purchase some grits and embark 11am Palm Beach and Hawkesbury River Cruises ferry 0414 466.635 to Patonga Wharf for 1st Nosh Stop (30 min) on the ferry boat.

4th Leg:  Patonga to Woy Woy station - 15km (agg 59.4 km from Hornsby) - 45 min
After 30 min entering majestic/blue Brooklyn Waters from Palm Beach wharf at 11:30am cycle -

  • 5.3km up Patonga Drive initially from Start 100m up from wharf at Transformer box for 2.77km ave gradient 6.77% to KOM at 4 Wheel Drive Unsealed Road on LHS Pearl Beach Drive on RHS;

  • Ahead for 3.2km past the Umina Beach 180o "U" turn (during the descent) where road changes to Mt Ettalong Rd, then thru Ettalong to SW Woy Woy;

  • R into Hobart for 200m;

  • L into Sydney Ave for 150m Sag Stop (5 min) outside Shell petrol station just prior to Ocean Beach Rd and GET OFF THE ROADWAY;

  • Ahead crossing Ocean Beach Rd and along West St for 400m;

  • L into Trafalgar Ave for 2.9km;

  • R into McMasters Rd for 450m; and

  • L into Blackwall Rd for 950m to Railway St (at traffic lights) to Woy Woy station and catch the hourly:

*    All-Stops train at 12:23pm [$3 farearriving at Hawkesbury River station 14 min later at 12:37pm; or

*    or Express train to Hornsby at 12:57pm arriving at Hornsby station 36 mins later 



5th Leg:  Brooklyn to Pie in the Sky - 7.5km (agg 66.9 km from Hornsby) - 25 min
12:40pm cycle 3.6km West along Brooklyn Rd and climb 3.9km Nth for 3rd Nosh Stop (20 min) at Pie in the Sky from 1pm.  


6th Leg:  Pie in the Sky -
1:20pm to Hornsby - 19km (agg 85.9km from Hornsby) 50 mins - ETR 2:10pm; or

*             1:20pm to St Ives via Bobbin Head - 31.7km - 70 min  (agg 89km from St Ives) - ETR 4:00pm


Old Pacific Highway


Cowan station


Old Pacific Highway


Berowra Waters Rd


Old Pacific Highway


Belmont Ave to Bobbin Head Rd


Old Pacific Highway


Galston Rd


Old Pacific Highway


Bridge Rd


Old Pacific Highway


Coronation St,  Hornsby station


Old Pacific Highway


Leonard St/Pattisons Ave Hor.


Leonard St/Pattisons Ave Hor.


Alexandria Pde/Millewa Ave


Alexandria Pde/Millewa Ave


Bangalla St


Bangalla St


Eastern Rd


Eastern Rd


Brentwood/Boomerang Ave


Brentwood/Boomerang Ave


Mona Vale Rd


Mona Vale Rd


St Ives car park

Risk Warning

Ø   Do not cycle over the metal girders on the ramp at the Berowra Waters ferry, if you opt to cycle off the ferry, 'cause you will come down hard, like many before you.

Ø   Hardcopy these directions and bring on Sunday

Ø   Expend 5 min studying your street directory for this route, if you haven't ridden it before

Ø   Don't ride two abreast on single lane roads with an unbroken centre line and descend corners on wet roads as though you are skating on ice

Ø   When passing a fellow Mugg, always provide at least a metre clearance.  If you can't, or are passing on the inside, you MUST call out loudly eg. "passing inside" etc

Some forms of cycling are dangerous.  An ave of 36 Australian cyclists have been killed annually since 2000.  95% of these fatalities occur on the road

Other cyclists in Australia break bones and incur nerve impairment from falling off their bikes in accidents. 

A cyclist could fall from his/her bike, inter alia, due to -
(i)      being hit by a car or another cyclist; or
(ii)     encountering a pothole;

(iii)    cycling too fast on a wet downhill where the coefficient of friction is much less, particularly at corners; or
(iv)    getting their bicycle wheel caught in a gap in a timber bridge.

A negligent cyclist could -

(a)    be litigated by a seriously injured cyclist, or 3rd party (ie. a woman pushing a pram on a footpath or a car driver) under common law where the damages could exceed $500,000; and

(b)    lose his/her home if he/she did not have public liability insurance which covers their negligence whilst on a push bike.

A negligent cyclist who did not have personal injury insurance (ie self-employed without income protection cover) could struggle to meet regular outgo commitments.

A seriously injured cyclist could be awarded damages which a negligent cyclist could not afford to pay if the negligent cyclist -
(I)     did not have public liability insurance cover; and/or
(II)    did not possess valuable assets.

Ø    Cycling without Public Liability cover is as silly as driving without 3rd Party -
 join Bicycle NSW for PL insurance, so that all Muggs are better protected

Ø    Click on: Risk Management which warns of 'inter alia', the dangers of cycling on public roads with motor cars, potholes and over bridges with vertical timber planks with gaps

Ø   Cycling with Muggs is predicated upon notifying Bank Teller if you materially disagree with any clause(s) in Muggaccinos' "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment"

Pic from last Sunday's Hornsby to Brooklyn Wharf, 'n back via PitS  - 4 cyclists - 52km

Four intrepid warriors, three of whom are training for Tour de Italia, ventured out on a chilly, windy Sunday - seen here at PitS after visiting Brooklyn Pier cafe

Syd aka MotorMechanic (far LHS) is resplendent in his newly acquired ($70) long sleeve Muggaccinos, thick winter jersey

Last Saturday was the coldest, bleakest Sydney day this Winter.  The strong winds were relentless.  Nonetheless Scott aka PatternMaker (in the yellow wind jacket) completed a further 10 ascents from Crosslands Reserve to the Entrance Gate equivalent to scaling the 48 switchbacks up Stelvio from Prad which 6 Muggs will be riding this August on Tour de Italia

Alas, Scott is ‘brain dead’. Bank Teller sought to ‘put the hat around’ for a new brain for Scott, asking if anyone knew where he can get a cheap one?  Bank Teller donated $150 to Organ Transplant Australia hoping to get Scott priority on the queue.  Scott informed his wife, Jane, who retorted an emphatic "No".  Seemingly Jane has taken years to re-format Scott's existing Noggin.  Looks like Jane had better consider another 'reformat' wipeing all existing data and starting with a clean sheet.  Watch a few secs of Scott's 30 min YouTube leaving his Seven Hills home in the dark this morning on his TrustyTreadley

Now back from cycling in the Dolomites and Ortler Alps, Scott's movie finishes with Eric aka PapaBear, holding court at PitS, with loud noises coming out of PapaBear's head, extolling the merits of avoiding the popular roads on weekends in Northern Italy due to plagues of motor bikes.  Eric says, "Pick the quite backroads of the less popular rides on the w'ends, and ride the popular routes midweek."

Bank Teller   20 July '14