Jack Sprat


Graham joined Muggs rides recently (May '13) and when Scribe couldn't readily 'come-up-with' a suitable moniker, John suggested 'Jack Sprat' which seems appropriate 'cause Jack doesn't have an ounce of fat on him.

Graham has "cycled for Yonks" and works in the burgeoning hospitality industry as a chef.

Hopefully, Jack may join other riders on 2014 Tour de Conquer the Dolomites, Nth Italia because 'an army marches on its stomach'.  We learnt from 2012 'Tour de Conquer' Le Rhone Alps and Mont Ventoux' where five of us 'ate/drank out' on all our 18 days in France, that the costs come down by 'eating/imbibing in' on some of the nights which is our plan for 2013 'Tour de Conquer' Le Rhone Alps this Sept where six Muggs' riders have purchased their flight tickets, including Shane aka PeoplePlotter (2nd from Right).

            Jack is 'centre-stage' in the above pic snapped at Ruby's Cafe, Bulli in early June '13