The Bullsheet

Sunday, 30 Dec '07 rollout by 6:45am from Hornsby, 7:00am from Porters Scenic Lookout Dural or 7:05am from Glenorie to Wisemans Ferry, return via Cliftonville, Stone House Café Marotta, Halcrows Rd, Cattai Ridge Rd:

*         118km from Longest start spot or Hornsby    ETR 1:30pm

*         99.2km from Long start spot of Dural            ETR 12:45pm

*         84km from Short start spot of Glenorie         ETR 12:05pm

The above 3 Start times allow for slower cyclists starting from Dural and Glenorie, and faster cyclists starting from Hornsby and reeling-in the slower cyclists descending into Wisemans Ferry

 1st      Cnr Wisemans Ferry Rd &
Halcrows Rd (off the roadway)      11:30am       5 min
Old Northern Rd Bus Stop (off the roadway)                           12:13pm      10min    
 Nosh Stops:
 1st      Cafe in Wisemans Ferry                                                           8:41am      30 min 
Stone House Café Maroota                                                       10:20am      30 min 

1st Longer Leg:  Hornsby station car-park via Galston Gorge to Cnr Mid Dural Rd and Old Northern Rd - 45km - 105 min

*    Rollout 6:45am from Hornsby station carpark Nth up Jersey St for 500m, 

*    L into Bridge Rd 40m to lights at Old Pacific H’way, 

*    R Nth for 700m on Old Pacific H’way, 

*    L at lights into Galston Rd for 5km to Galston Gorge noisy timber bridge,

*    Ascend for 3km to Crosslands Rd,

*    L for 1.1km to main roundabout


*    Ahead into Mid Dural Rd for 1.9km to Cnr Mid Dural Rd and Old Northern Rd.



*    R 32km up Old Northern Rd to Wisemans Ferry for 1st Nosh Stop (30 mins) from 8:40am

1st Long Leg Porters Scenic Lookout Dural to Wisemans Ferry  -  39.5km - 100 min

7:00am cycle 36km due Nth up Old Northern Rd to Wisemans Ferry for 1st Nosh Stop (30 mins) from 8:40am. 

1st Short Leg:  Glenorie Village Shopping Centre to Wisemans Ferry  -  30km - 76 min

Park outside the Butcher Shop and Bakery on LHS of Old Northern Rd immediately past Glenorie Village Shopping Centre (2½km Nth of Cattai Ridge Rd) and rollout due north by 7:05am because the other two ride groups will cycle faster.  Scribe will park outside the Bakery.


2nd LegWisemans Ferry to Stone House Café Maroota  - 21.5km - 67 min


West along scenic River Rd for 4.8km to treacherous killer timber bridge where cyclists MUST dismount and walk over 20m timber bridge due to dangerous timber panels with wide gaps, otherwise your wheel could get caught and U could break your neck and be REAL DEAD REAL FAST;

Continue ahead 9km along scenic River Rd to Cliftonville Lodge Resort with 2 x 200m sections of gravel;

Upon arriving at Cliftonville Lodge on your RHS, make which is seriously steep for 970m and then Roly Poly for a further 6.5km to Wisemans Ferry Rd; and

Left along Wisemans Ferry Rd 500m to Stone House Café Maroota for 2nd Nosh Stop (30 mins) from 10:20am

3rd Leg:  Stone House Café Maroota to Porters Scenic Lookout Dural - 38.1km - 97 min


Right SW along Wisemans Ferry Rd for 12km to Halcrows Rd from 11:30am for 1st Sag Stop (5 mins) 30m into Halcrows Rd off the roadway.

Left along Halcrows Rd for 8.1km to Cattai Ridge Rd;

Ahead along Cattai Ridge Rd for 8km to Cnr Cattai Ridge Rd and Post Office Rd.

Cyclists who parked at -

*        Glenorie shops should turn Left into Post Office Rd for 2km to their cars - ETR 12:05pm.

*        Porters Scenic Lookout Dural should proceed 2km to Old Northern Rd;

Right into Old Northern Rd for 200m to Bus Stop for 2nd Sag Stop (10 mins) off the roadway;

Left 7.4km down Old Northern Rd to Porters Scenic Lookout Dural  -  ETR 12:45pm.

Bank Teller's rap-up of Boxing Day Cinque Montagnes clockwise - 94km - 12 crew





Paul, our host at Andy's Cafe Arcadia, prepared some yummy Indian food




A large Peloton on the earlier ferry.  Dead set, until we arrived at the Old Pacific H'way, we had seen more road cyclists than motor cyclists.




Matt aka Printer and Grant aka BeanCounter deep in conversation over somethin', with Jean aka DishPig happy to cool his heels




Today's annual Boxing Day Cinque Montagnes clockwise was hallowed by a cool, crisp morn', whereupon the pace was on and dudes like DishPig and PapaBear were intent on another long ride.  It also evidenced the return of a lean Stephen R who rode with Muggs about 8 years ago.  Hopefully, we will see more of Stephen, 'cause he can get along.

Pic on LHS is ToothFairy taking a breather at the water fountain at crest of KOM Climb from Bobbin Head to Nth Turramurra toll Gates, with a magnificent Christmas tree in Ann's background.


Scribe   26 Dec '07