The Bullsheet

Monday 1 Oct '07 -

*    by 7am from Hornsby station carpark on West side of train line 60m Nth of Railway Hotel in Jersey St
     +++  143km to Wyong
catching Iron Horse from Wyong"  -  ETR Cowan 4:01pm or Hornsby 4:17pm; or
     +++  160km returning via Wisemans Ferry Rd, Halcrows Rd, Cattai Ridge Rd, Old Northern Rd, Wylds Rd and Galston Gorge.

*    by 7:25am from Cowan station carpark for "Ride into Deliverance Country - Spencer Re-visited - catching Iron Horse from Wyong" - 128km -  ETR Cowan station 4:01pm or Hornsby 4:17pm

Or start from Hornsby by 7am and cycle back from:
Mt White          - 71km - ETR 11:10am
; or
*        Peats Ridge   - 112km - ETR 1:50pm; or

Pimpernel and Lawyer are starting from Hornsby at 7am.  Bank Teller is starting from Cowan at 7:25am.

  • Click on: Risk Warnings which warns of the dangers of cycling on public roads with motor cars, potholes and over bridges with vertical timber planks with gaps

  • Access 126 at "Ride Calendar 2007 - Oct to Dec" for detailed Ride Description from Cowan to Wyong and hardcopy and bring on Sunday

  • Hardcopy these directions and bring on Sunday

  • Ride Organiser:     Phil Johnston 9114.6689 hm or 0412 045.224

  • Cycling with Muggs is predicated upon notifying Bank Teller if you materially disagree with any clause(s) in Muggaccinos' "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment"

  • Never cycle two abreast on a single lane road with an unbroken centre line, 'cause RTA deems those sections provide inadequate visibility for a motorist to overtake a vehicle ahead

  • Maintain your membership of Bicycle NSW for $20m Public Liability cover in case you cause a serious accident and a 3rd party sues you for riding negligence


Rollout Hornsby from 7am or Cowan station from 7:25am. 
Nosh Stops
at Mt White, Spencer and Yarramalong.
Sag Stops at Peats Ridge and Mangrove Mountain.
Catch All Stops from Wyong 2:57pm alighting Cowan 4:01pm or Hornsby 4:17pm.


1st Leg:  Cowan to Mt White - 20km - 50 min

Rollout of Hornsby station carpark at 7am or Cowan station at 7:25am cycling Nth up Old Pacific H'way passing Pie in the Sky, crossing Old Hawkesbury River bridge arriving Mt White "Road Warriors Cafe"  from 8:05am for 1st Nosh Stop(20 min).


2nd Leg:  Mt White to Peats Ridge - 21km - 57 min

Depart Bikie Hangout by 8:25am -

  • Nth along Old Pacific H'way for 6.2km;

  • L into Peats Ridge Rd for 15km continuous, gradual climb for 1st Sag Stop (10 min) at United Gas, Peats Ridge from 9:20am.


3rd Leg:  Peats Ridge to The Hub of the Universe, Spencer - 30.2km -  65 min

Re-mount 9:30am -

  • L 200m Nth into George Downs Drive thence NNW for 3˝km to Central Mangrove;

  • L  SW  into Wisemans Ferry Rd at Central Mangrove descending thru Mangrove Mountain, Lower Mangrove following the river 26km to Spencer for 2nd Nosh Stop (35min) after 71km from 10:40am.

4th Leg:  Spencer to Friendly Store, Mangrove Mountain shopping centre - 22.8km - 84 min

Re-mount 11:15am and retrace 22.8km up Wiseman's Ferry Rd to Friendly Store, Mangrove Mountain shopping centre on LHS arriving from 12:37pm for 2nd Sag Stop (10 min).

5th Leg:  Friendly Store, Mangrove Mountain to Yarramalong Manor - 15.2km - 40 min

Re-mount 12:47pm:

  • retrace 600m up Wiseman's Ferry Rd; 

  • Ahead into Bloodtree Rd for 3.8km (where Wiseman's Ferry Rd veers Right);

  • L into George Downs Drive for 3.5km;

  • R into Springs Rd for a Sign Post (3 min), thence 3.1km East twds Bumble Hill to Greta Rd;

  • Ahead for 2.1km up Bumble Hill to Forest Rd

  • Ahead 2.4km descending Bumble Hill cautiously;

  • R for 60m to 3rd Nosh Stop (30 min) from 1:25pm at Yarramalong General Store.


6th Leg: Yarramalong to Wyong station - 18.8km - 55 min
By 1:55pm commence 18.8km flat/fast hit-out E along Yarramalong Rd into Wyong, arriving by 2:55pm to catch ($8 fare) 3:51pm train to Cowan arriving 4:48pm:



Bank Teller's rap-up of St Ives, Duffys Forest, West Head, Warriewood, Wakehurst Parkway - 94km - 7 Muggs were out 'n about

The three dudes below, together with the PictureTaker, made it to St Ives for the scheduled 7:10am rollout.  We fleetingly met-up with Jan and Paul around Church Point who needed a fuel stop at Bayview Marina.  And tagged up with Lawyer back at St Ives who struggled to get out of bed for the 7:10am rollout, 'cause Guy gets up at 4:30am three morn's a week for squad training where he swims more in a morn', than most Muggs in a month.

A GutBuster Pose taken to extreme by the two on the RHS

Scribe's rap-up of Tour de Austinmer via RNP - 15 crew - 105km

Click on Pacific Pete's movie from last Sunday Sun 23 Sept 2007 from Sutherland to Austinmeer via Royal National Park produced by which is also at Movies of Rides where U may need to download Adobe Flash Player

The prospect of tough, helter-skelter 55km initial leg to Austinmer didn't daunt 12 crew marshalling at Sutherland carpark at 7:30am on a much better morn' than 24 hours earlier.  Rex lead the Early Shift out bound for 2 testing climbs in RNP - the 1st up Gibraltar and the 2nd up to Waterfall.  ToothFairy, PacificPete and BankTeller rolled out 40 mins later on the 36km direct route to Austinmer.

Greg aka ArchitectToo


"Courteous Cyclist" *** Martin aka Architect

A few of the crew marveling at the view

Rex, Guy, Martin 'n Greg at Austinmer

Kerry, Maureen, Tim Matthew 'n Tony at Austinmer Park

Lawyer stretching at Otford Pie Shop after 73km, incl the dreaded climb from Stanwell Park

Matthew 'n Greg stretching at Otford Pie Shop

The familiar grassy knoll outside Otford Apple Pie Shop

Pete 'n Ann post-ride at Sutherland

Hugh 'n Rex post ride at Sutherland

*** The above RHS pic of Martin aka Architect refers to him as Courteous Cyclist.  Whilst at Otford Nosh Stop, unassuming Guy aka Lawyer politely mentioned to Martin that Martin hadn't given Guy sufficient clearance when he had overtaken him en route to Otford.  Guy explained that he was just about to veer to the right due to an upcoming Road Irregularity (pothole).  Bank Teller was in earshot and rebuked Guy for not forcefully informing Architect at the time of the "alleged incident". Guy defended himself by politely articulating that he considered a more dignified quiet one-on-one approach to Martin would convey his concern.

From time to time, many of us do dumb things whilst cycling.  Two busted collar bones are a testament to a few faux pas by Bank Teller.  Prima facie, on the evidenced proffered during the brief civil verbal interchange, Martin had passed Guy too close.  If U C another cyclist do something dumb which could cause U a nasty injury, or a 3rd party a nasty injury, pursuant to the 8th Commandments, and Clause 10(h) of "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment - Cycling protocols" U are obliged to speak up at the time by yelling words to the effect:  "Hey Stupid.  If U want to hit the road, do it without me.  U owe me a metre clearance, if U aren't going to warn me that U are going to encroach my metre." 

Over the last 11 years with Muggs, Bank Teller has expended +100 hours writing accident reports, attending hospital after bingles and briefing barrister(s) pending a day in court.  Hence, he would much sooner an "in situ" verbal exchange than the consequence of a "dumb thing" going unreported.  He extolled U to speak up immediately u evidence a fellow Mugg do a dumb thing, as it may avoid a more costly faux pas.

Click on Rex's Rap-up of Monday 24 Sept on the Forum of last Sunday's Austinmer ride

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Scribe    23 Sept '07