Ten Commandments


  1. Hills are your friends* and mountains are your mates.

  2. No point in being built for show and not for go.  Donít talk the talk, if you havenít walked the walk.  The tough get going, when the going gets tough.  The bullshit stops when the flag drops.  And never bullshit a bullshiter.

  3. Putting the pedal to the metal up hills, is generally safer than throttling down 'em!

  4. You are on this Earth to help your fellow man.  But, have as much fun as you can whilst you help her.

  5. Muggs cyclists get their jollies from carbon neutral aerobic exercise and camping under the stars, and go out of their way to encourage other Australians into the merits of regular, rigorous, challenging, recreational exercise within a collegiate supportive environment. 

  6. Giving your time and support to encourage and accommodate others can help establish powerful social support networks.  Being solely preoccupied with "What is in it for me?" could break them down.  If you can't say or do something helpful to make others welcome at Nosh Stops like ensuring there are enough chairs for slower cyclists to join the table, then keep any smart-arse comments to oneself.

  7. Encourage the idiosyncratic and extreme.  And don't lose your fire, 'cause that is who you are!

  8. Cycling and imbibing a wee dram aren't good bedfellows.  Get out of one bed before you slip into the other.

  9. Cycle single file on single lane roads when there is an unbroken centre line, thereby avoiding the one-out 'death seat', which will placate the ire of RedNecks and 'ipso facto' thereby help to keep the rubber side down.

  10. Donít be a tight arse when the bill comes around, Ďcause only fish need one.

          *      (David Seaton circa Tasmania Ride, Jan 1997)