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Ride 'Start' locations

As noted under "Types of Road Rides" on the Home Page, Muggs' 31 Sunday Rides -

(a)      float between 6:45am in mid-Summer and 8:45am in mid-Winter; and

(b)      generally offer a long and a shorter ride 'Start' location, or 'out / back' legs within the route, thereby enabling slower riders and rookies to participate by studying the Ride Description to see where they can skip or reduce a ride leg.


In order to cater to both seasoned fast cyclists and beginners who can ride 50km, the important parameter on Muggs' Sunday rides is not the Rollout Time.  It is the Arrival Time at the initial Nosh Stop which is usually between 40km and 50km for the longer 'Start' point and 20km and 30km for the shorter 'Start' location. 


If you are slower like Bank Teller, ToothFairy, Pacific Pete, Annie, Publican, Tara aka SocialScientist, Gracinda aka Senorita -

(i)       study the Ride Description to identify shortcuts, and rollout in ample time to arrive at 1st Nosh Stop at specified arrival time; and

(ii)      steal a few mins lead from the 1st Nosh Stop, so as to arrive at the 2nd Nosh Stop early.

Below are 11 Start locations for Sunday and mid-week rides (2 of the below Start locations, Hornsby and Dural, represent shorter ride options for rides from Nth Turramurra shops and Turramurra station carpark respectively):

  1. Turramurra carpark, Rohini street, NE side of train station:
    0% of rides commence from Rohini St car-park - immediately adjacent to Turramurra station on NE side - for our ever burgeoning array of rides West via Browns Water Hole to the M2, often to catch trains from -
    *    Seven Hills or Blacktown station to Windsor, Richmond; or
    *    Emu Plains to discover marvellous mountains around Kurrajong or pedal all the way to Windsor to explore the Lowlands.  
    Reduce by 11km and a rotten climb up Kissing Point Rd on the return leg, by parking at the most northerly end of Vimiera Rd, Marsfield - off Epping Rd or park at the bottom of Kissing Point Rd West Turramurra if you want to avoid a killer Climb up Kissing Pt Rd with the tank hovering on empty.   A shorter starting point for these rides is Porter Scenic Lookout, Old Northern Rd, Dural (listed below), Old Northern Rd, Dural which takes the Pitt Town Rd route to Windsor. 

  2. North Turramurra Shopping Village car park:
    20% of rides commence from Bobbin Head Rd, Nth Turramurra.  Park in the
    2nd lower tier of the small council open air carpark in Valley Park Cres - little road off to the left almost opposite the Corner Café on LHS (700m past Burns Rd).  The start location for the shorter starting spot for rides which commence from North Turramurra is 200m NW of Hornsby station in Jersey St (see D. below).   These two start groups usually meet-up approaching the 1st Nosh Stop which might be Road Warriors' Cafe Mt White, Pie in the Sky Cowan, or Andy's Cafe Nth Galston.

  3. St Ives car park in Mona Vale Rd
    20% of rides commence from St Ives carp park in Mona Vale Rd (opposite Pattisons Patisserie and Stanley St) at Eastern end of St Ives shops.  13km can be taken off these rides by parking outside Terrey Hills Fruit Barn 100m Nth of Cnr. of Forest Way and Mona Vale Rd where we usually pick-up any Northern Beaches starters at our 1st (3 min) Sag Stop.

  4. Hornsby station carpark - 300m north of Hornsby station in Jersey St on west side of train line:
    25% of rides also commence at Hornsby [300m NW of Hornsby station in Jersey St off road parking] and head north twds Brooklyn, Mt White, Wyong, Gosford or the Somersby "Bellbirds" loop.  
    To shorten ride, park at -
    *    Berowra station car park (see H. below) on the Old Pacific H'way 200m Nth of Berowra Waters Rd reducing route by 23km; or
    *    Cowan station (see G. below) on the Old Pacific H'way to take a further 8km off the route.

  5. Vimiera Rd, Marsfield - off Epping Rd
    As noted in A. above, about 20% of Muggs' rides offer a Start from Turramurra station which head twds Windsor, Richmond - with the option to cycle only to Seven Hills station and catch the train to Windsor or Richmond.  These rides drop down Kissing Point Rd to Browns Waterhole thru tunnel under the M2 to Vimiera Rd, thence onto Epping Rd for 1km to Epping entrance to M2

  6. Porter Scenic Lookout, Old Northern Rd, Dural
    20% which also commence from Turramurra station and heading West to Windsor, Richmond, Kurrajong or Springwood, offer the option of starting from Porter Scenic Lookout Dural.  

  7. Cowan station carpark:
    5% of rides commence from Cowan station (4 rides each year) to Spencer and on to Wyong station for the Iron Horse home.  When our bi-annual ride to Spencer/Wyong is scheduled, some cyclists merely ride from Hornsby to Mt White and turn around.

  8. Glenorie Village Shopping Centre
    3% of our rides provide a Shorter Start spot at Cnr Post Office Rd and Old Northern Rd.  Park outside Butcher Shop and Bakery.

  9. Berowra station carpark
    Reduce ride distance for rides which commence from Hornsby by 21km by parking at Berowra station carpark on RHS of the Pacific Highway - 10.5km Nth of Hornsby.

  10. Sutherland Leisure Centre:
    10% commence from Waratah Park in Sutherland Leisure Centre outside the swimming pools where we cycle about 4 different routes thru Royal National Park, down to Austinmer or Wollongong Harbour.  Cyclists can reduce those rides by catching the train from the sleepy village hamlet of Otford back to Sutherland station and pedalling 1½km back to Sutherland Leisure Centre carpark.

  11. Birriwa Reserve, Mt Annan - 5km W of Campbelltown:
    6% commence at Mt Annan Reserve carpark (3 visits a year) to ride clockwise and anti-clockwise Tour de Macarthur. 
    Only 50min drive from Gordon via Homebush Bay Drive. 
    *    1km past big Roselands sign on RHS, turn right onto M5. 
    *    Exit M5 at 2nd Campbelltown Rd exit. 
    *    Follow directions to Narellan heading NWW along Narellan Rd for 2˝km.
    *    400m after passing Mount Annan Drive on LHS turn Left into Waterworth Drive. 
    *    250m later turn Left into Wellings Drive. 
    *    220m later turn Right into Fitzpatrick Rd. 
    *    150m later turn Right into O'Brien Rd carpark in Birriwa Reserve.