The Bullsheet

4th Linger & Die to the Upper Hunter -  Fri 24 Sept '10 to Mon 27 Sept '10 - limited to 8 cyclists unless someone in addition to Scott aka PatternMaker offers their vehicle as a support car to carry o'nite stuff incl the tents of a few who are camping

Three options:

(i)      four days cycling - as listed in below table; or

(ii)     three days cycling - if you can't jag Monday off work - catch train back from Morisset to Hornsby on Sunday arvo; or

(iii)     two days cycling - if you can't ride Sunday - cycle back to Hornsby from Wollombi on Fri. and we will return your o'nite bag later that week

Our inaugural Linger and Die ride to the Upper Hunter in Dec '01 attracted 9Muggs' 2nd L&D in 2002 attracted 11 cyclists.  17 signed-on for #3 in 2003. Other cycle w'ends forced this delightful ride to the Upper Hunter onto the back-burner.  However, Scott aka PatternMaker, who is providing his Ute as the Support Vehicle/Sag Wagon, has asked for L&D to be de-mothballed


If you have to work on Mon 27 Sept, there are 7 trains from Morisset station back to Berowra and Hornsby stations between 10:07am and 4:07pm.  So you can join us for 2, 3 or 4 days cycling.


Commence from -

*        Either Hornsby station carpark in Jersey St from 8am (after trains from Northern line arrive at Hornsby at 7:47am or 8:05 or 8:19am) after you load your o'nite bag onto a Sag Wagon, but beware the traffic from Hornsby to Sth Cowan on route to F3 may be heavy; or

*        Berowra station carpark from 8:30am (after 7:50am train from Hornsby pulls-in at 8:07am or after 8:20am train from Hornsby pulls-in at 8:37am) after you load your o'night bag into a Sag Wagon



On Monday, 27 Sept, trains to Hornsby and Berowra depart Morisset at 10:07am, 11:07am, 12:07pm, 1:07pm, 2:13pm, 3:21pm, and 4:07pm, and arrive Hornsby 1 hr 23 min later




If you need to return to Berowra station, change trains at Wyong to catch a train stopping at Berowra station, or cycle from Hornsby back up to Berowra. No trackwork scheduled.]



If interested cyclists exceeds 8, we require a 2nd Support Vehicle / Sag Wagons (support car with cycle racks) to carry our over night bags. Each Sag Wagon will hold an ave of 8 o'nite bags.  Each cyclist contributes $12 ($15 if camping) to aggregate up to $94 min to cover gas and wear 'n tear  -  payable before you load your stuff in the trunk.  Cyclists will again share the driving with each cyclist driving approx. 30km legs Our Support Vehicle must remain behind the last cyclist throughout the four days, so we always provide a Sag Wagon.



Below are details of camping, B&B, motel and hotel accommodation at our 3 o'nite stops of Wollombi, Paterson and Morisset.

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Explanation of "Linger 'n Die" folklore

In 2000, David aka The Enforcer, with "No Hill is to High" and "No Mountain too Mean" firmly inculcated in his noggin, noticed a new conquest from Column 8 in the SMH – extracted below where a local, Peter Olsen, describes Linger And Die Hill, between Dungog and Gloucester in the Upper Hunter Valley, as so sheer that if bullock wagons stopped during the climb, they couldn't get under way again”.  Simmo ‘phoned up Peter Olsen to suss out the Hill, whereupon he spoke to Ms. Peta Olsen who described it as “a tough mile and a half”:

Below is Column 8 in the SMH on 29 June 2000

"ON Monkerai Road, the old coaching way between Dungog and Gloucester, is the wonderfully named Linger And Die Hill, a name also often attached to a nearby three-span timber bridge over the Karuah River.  An NRMA plaque proclaims the bridge, built in 1877, to be the oldest truss bridge in NSW.  On Tuesday night one of the spans broke, having faithfully supported traffic from horse-drawn coaches to big trucks for 123 years. It's a bit of history that may now be lost. Linger And Die Hill?  Peter Olsen, whose family has been in the district since 1827, says it was so steep that if bullock wagons stopped during the climb, they couldn't get under way again."

  #     Day   Date          Ride route                             Distance            Staying In




Hornsby (or Berowra) to Wollombi            114km (103km)    Wollombi                        


Sat  25th

Wollombi via Morpeth to Paterson               74km                    Paterson                        


Sun 26th

Paterson to Morisset                                      68km                     Morisset  


Mon 27th

Morisset  to Hornsby                                    129km                    Your place

                                                                                385km (374km)


Committed starters                                   

1 Phil Johnston aka Scribe  100%
2 Scott aka PatternMaker  100%
3 George aka EnglishMan   90%
4 Richard aka Sloth   90%
5 David aka CricketTragic   90%
6 Tony aka Publican   75%

Trev aka Tornado    


 Possible starter

  Barry aka Bazza  



Friday night at Wollombi:

Wollombi Tavern 4998.3261 

No internal accommodation, but "the watering hole" to drink with the locals on Friday night.  The Tavern is comfortable with us pitching 4 or 5 tents out back of the pub, so long as we don't set-'em-up 'til approaching dusk, so we encourage some of you to pick a B&B from below.

Cody's Cottage 
400m Sth of Wollombi Tavern - Jean Marsh 4998.3256 - $75 per person per night with b'fast

Gray's Inn
 4998 3312 100m from Wollombi Tavern

Bob's Lodge - 200m from Wollombi - high quality / highish price 4998.3182


Avoca House   1.5km on the Cessnock side of Wollombi Road

Russell Davies   4998.3233ph    4998.3319fax
B&B $90 pp / night:
Three rooms each with 1 double bed and 1 single bed  -  Scribe recommends Avoca House.



Wollombi Views B & B

2km from Wollombi - $70 per person per night.  Sleeps 8

Mulla Villa Guesthouse   3176 Great Northern Rd, Wollombi  4998.3254ph  4998.3286fax

B&B $135 per head.  1.2km before Wollombi (Host: Caroline)

Capers Luxury Guesthouse
Contact: Jane Young   4998 3211


Saturday night at Paterson:


No official camp ground.  However, Ray aka KitchenSink camped in the park on the banks of the Paterson River 4 years ago (300m from the centre of town), and no one objected.  Paterson is as quiet as a church mouse.  Mary- Ann from the Paterson Tavern informs that we can camp at the Paterson Sportsground located 1km Nth of town centre (over the railway line then turn L to school, pre-school and Sportsground - Book thru Robert Booth 4938.5029 to gain access to the toilets/shower at modest camping fees).

“Old Punt House” 
9 Martins Creek Rd, Patterson - 2km out-of-town
4938.5885  $130 p/double with breakfast

CBC Bank Bed and Breakfast 
Moira  4938.5767  19 King St   2421
Two persons in double
room @ $135 or $120 full b'fast  - 3 double rooms


Courthouse Hotel 
4938.5122   Cheryl  - near railway line, lower tariffs, but train noise:

  • "Pub Double rooms provide a Queen and Single bed -  $85 for 2 people

  •  2 @ Double Bunk Rooms  -  $90 per room - $50 per person

  •  1 @ Deluxe room with Queen Bed -  $145 per double

  •  4 @ Train Carriages with Double Bed and futon/sofa - $95 for 2 people, and $12 for a 3rd person

The Rileys B&B
Mowbray Lane, Paterson
(02) 4938 8053, 0412 811 759

Sunday night at Morisset:

The Bay Hotel/Motel - 500m East of Morisset - see map

330 Fishery Point Road, East Morisset -  4973 3177 - $110 per double or twin room ($55 p/h)

Lake Macquarie Hotel  - centre of town - see map

83 Dora St, Morisset - 4973.1466

WEC Camp Centre

Nentoura Road, Morisset (02) 4973.1402 - 1km Nth of Morisset twds Dora Creek

Lake Macquarie Village & Tourist Park

1a Stockton Street, Morisset (02) 4973.1883 - centre of Morisset