Kitchen Sink

Back in Sept 2002, Muggs "picked up the cudgels" after a Bike North rider with the moniker 'DaddyBear' "threw down the gauntlet" for Muggs to travel out West to Gloucester to climb Hungry Hill along Thunderbolts Way cycling further N/W twds Nowendoc.



KitchenSink won the KOM to "The Lookout" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
at the apex of Thunderbolts Way
after that exhaustive 5.36km climb up Hungry Hill, even though Ray's backpack contained -

  • tools the head mechanic for Ferrari would be proud of, 

  • binoculars befitting the Woomera satellite tracking station, and 

  • a fruit shop.



Centre pic is Ray and his wife, Inge, at Nowendoc on a brill Spring morn' after the hard yards had been put in scaling the humongous Hungry Hill the previous day.


Don't know if Inge will be volunteering to ride shotgun in the vital support vehicle function.  However, she did a wonderful job in supporting our 7 Thunderbolts Way tyros.