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Wed, 11th Feb '20 - Unanderra train station, up Mount Kembla, along ridge to Mount Keira, then up to Mount Keira Lookout Cafe.  Descend to Unanderra -  28.3km  iBug ride No 007

Start and Finish at Unanderra train stationRichard aka Sloth may recommend another 10km or 15km of sigh-seeing cycling around Wollongong, so we may not return from Unanderra station.


Ride Organiser, Phil Johnston aka BankTeller 0434 715.861 [1st Acceptor], is catching train from Milsons Point station @ 7:10am to arrive Unanderra train station (two stations past (Wollongong) @ 9am.

Eric aka PapaBear [2nd Acceptor] is catching the same train from Wahroonga station at 6:35am.  Lois aka LoisLane and Richard aka Sloth are also meeting us at Unanderra station at 9am.  Pete and Ron may also be starters.

Andrew aka TugBoat, Lea aka SlowLea   Terry aka Navigator [ Tony aka Publican 

Ride Route

Unanderra_Mt.Kembla_Mt.Kiera_Unanderra 28.3km

         Turn right onto Berkeley Rd                                                  0.0 km

         Continue onto Central Rd        0.1 km

         Turn left onto Cordeaux Rd       1.6 km

         Slight right onto Harry Graham Dr      6.0 km

         Turn right onto Mount Keira Rd   13.6 km

         Turn left onto Queen Elizabeth Dr   14.7 km

         Turn left onto Mount Keira Rd   17.0 km

         Turn right onto Yates Ave    21.7 km

         Turn right onto Carcoola St   22.2 km

         Turn left onto Koloona Ave 22.4 km

         Turn right onto Uralba St   23.4 km

         At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Bellevue Rd 23.6 km

         At the roundabout, take 2nd exit onto Murray Park Rd  23.6 km

         At the roundabout, take 1st exit onto O'Briens Rd 24.7 km

         Turn right onto Princes Hwy 25.2 km

         At the roundabout, take 2nd exit onto Gibsons Rd25.3 km

         Turn left to stay on Gibsons Rd  25.4 km

         Turn right onto Cordeaux Rd  26.7 km

         Turn left onto Central Rd 26.7 km

         Continue onto Berkeley Rd 28.2 km

         Turn left  28.3 km


More info at 'Climb Mt. Kiera'.

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