A few of the 22 switch-backs in L'Alpe d'Huez

 L'Alpe d'Huez

Muggaccinos 'Tour de Conquer'  to climb Grande Montagnes to Le Sommets and Le Cols in Le Alps and Provence  from Wed, 5 Sept '12 
14 days continuous climbing - 
Three Base Camps 
to triumph Montagnes 'n Cols , and not sit in shuttles, or check into/out of hotels 
Committed Climb Participants have booked their flights and accommodation

Le Col de la Croix de Fer

Le Galibier

Late Final Extra pics from TdeC

"Climb the famous French Montagnes with Muggaccinos" Push On article

Several cyclists who, from time to time, ride with Muggaccinos, incl Eric aka PapaBear, David aka CricketTragic, George aka Englishman, Bazza, Pete aka AnotherBeanCounter, Phil aka Scribe, Kerry aka Miner, Karen aka NurseKaza, Matthew&Linda, Dieter aka ElectricMan have cycled in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and/or Austria.  Some and have contributed to the logistics herein. 

This webpage sets out a highly 'cost and time effective' two week Daily Climbs Schedule to scale Les Montagnes to Les Cols and Les Sommets in Les Rhone-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, where riders know  -
 *    the break-up of their costs and pay them directly with no 'middle man';

*    which famous climbs they will conquer on what days, over 14 days of continuous climbing, with one day travel (on Tues, 4 Sept) by train from Paris to Lyon to Chambery, and early on Wed, 5 Sept, drive a rented 'people mover'  74km to our 1st Base Camp to commence our 14 days Daily Climbs Schedule, followed by three days travel afterwards to fly out from Paris on or near Sat 22 Sept - open worksheet '19 days - 18 nights schedule' in Excel file 'Distances_Gradients_$Costs.xlsx' *   

*    Committed Climb Participants provides flight tickets and check-in luggage allowance for the five who have booked their flights thus far:
David aka Maverick is renting a good bike for a tad less than 30Euro a day in both
Saint Jean de Maurienne and Bourg-d’Oisans.  

*    Adventure Travel is offering AUD$2,289 with Emirates providing 30kg check-in luggage for return airfare to Paris, but Emirates will increase the price, or 'pull' the offer as the date gets closer

*    AUD$140 (€105) for train from 'Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport' Terminal 2 to Lyon for change train to Chambery (timetable) - single ticket price


*    AUD$177 for train from Avignon back to Paris.

*    AUD$133 (€106) for your share to hire in Chambery a seven seater people-mover to get bikes and riders to ride starts and drop-off at Avignon 15 days later.

*    AUD$2,380 for hotel accommodation twin share, meals, alcohol for 14 days at AUD$170 (€125) per day OR camp in your tent to reduce your daily costs to AUD$130 which would agg. over 14 days to $560 reduction, but increase your contribution to the people-mover rental by 30%, as campers would count as 1.30 persons.

Click on above team jersey:
 'Tour de Conquer - Sept 2012'
France cotton rugby jersey

'Budget - 19 days holiday' in Excel file 'Distances_Gradients_$Costs.xlsx' aggregates a Committed Climb Participant's costs at AUD$5,050 to arrive Paris on Tues, 4 Sept and depart France on Sat, 22 Sept, after climbing the Famous French Climbs in the Alps and Provence, which are accessible from Les Vallées of the famous Montagnes, where Committed Climb Participants (7 thus far) book his/her flights and hotel accommodation by end-May '12 to procure cheapish flights and hotel accommodation.

Au Geography:

  • Les Rhone-Alpes [low RHS of green map »»»] are to the east of France and on the Swiss, Italian borders. The highest peak is the Mont Blanc at 4,808 metres. 
    The region of
    Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur is the southern part of 'Le Alps' on the green map »»».

  • Les Pyrénéés [low LHS of green map »»»] are in the south of France and borders with Spain, stretching from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coasts, with many Cols (passes) over 3,000 metres.

The Rhone-Alpes (includes two Hors Catégorie KOM Climbs namely Alpe dHuez and Col du Galibier ) are only 150km from Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur which includes three climbs to Le Sommet of Mont Ventoux - two ascents are Hors Catégorie

Alas, the Pyrenees where the famed -

*    19km Col Du Tourmalet - Luz Saint Sauveur (ave 7.4%);

*    17.2km Col du Tourmalet - Sainte Marie de Campan (also ave 7.4%); and

*    18.5km Superbagnères (ave 6.3%) which Bank Teller climbed in 2001,

are too remote to incorporate in a two week visit, unless climbers change camps four times, and use up precious days in the second week to travel to the Midi-Pyrenees and forego some climbs in Provence

We plan to take about 20 hours of movie footage during our  '19 days - 18 nights schedule'Unless one of our 12 circa Committed Climb Participants is handy at editing, we may have to pay for it to be edited down to 90 mins of highlights.  PacificPete has taken lots of movies of his week long rides in Vic. and meticulously/painstakingly edited them down to a 'viewable' size.  Pete isn't joining us, but he has the skills to do it, if we don't induce a MovieMaker on board.

George P aka Englishman purchased a Van Nicholas titanium road bike in July 2010 whilst cycling in Europe for a lot less than if he'd bought it in Australia - didn't have to pay 20% VAT.  Van Nicholas website lists two distributors in France, one is Cycle Passieu 2 Place Montcalm, Nimes 30000 which is only 88km from Sault where we are staying in Provence, so we might ride in the Provence Region prior to the Rhone Alps.  Van Nicholas also sells its Custom Bikes Online which might enable the bike to be posted to Sault or Saint Jean de Maurienne


Some of the afore-mentioned burgeoning band of Muggaccinos’ cyclists who have already conquered Les Cols in Europe are factoring in a return to the Southwest of France in Aug 2013 to, après much ‘huffing and puffing’, proudly gaze down from Les Sommets of famous Montagnes and Cols amongst the 273 Cols in the Midi-Pyrenees, prominently including the two assents to the revered Col du Tourmalet.  And climb the Famous Stelvio and Mortirolo Pass in the Italian Alps in 2014.





Below is your 1st French lesson:

  The hill :  la coline                             The mountain :  la montagne
  The pass :  le col                               The ridge :  l'arête
  The valley :  la vallée                        The summit :  le sommet

   Finish line:  arrivée


As set out in the Daily Climbs Schedule Committed Climb Participants will stay -

*   1 day at Chambery after travelling by train from Paris East to Lyon then SE to Chambery

*   5 day/nights in upper Les Rhone-Alpes at Saint Jean de Maurienne  -  1st Base Camp

*   6 day/nights in lower Les Rhone-Alpes at Le Bourg d'Oisan  -  2nd Base Camp  

*   3 day/nights in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur at Sault, Vaucluse, Provence  -  3rd Base Camp

*   3 days after finishing our three climbs in Sault to depart Paris on Sat, 22nd Sept

Aix-en Provence, often shortened to Provence is a region just above Marseille and Toulon, and about 150km below the Rhone-Alpes

Golly, we climbed a long way up!!!