Accommodation options

At the top of the below three Base Camp pages are details of various hotels and camp grounds at those three towns: 

Chambery Accommodation  - after catching train from Paris to Lyon and down to Chambery on Wed 4th Sept and stay the night at Chambery  -  1 night, and collect people mover early Wed morning and drive 74km to Saint Jean de Maurienne.

1st Base Camp  -   Saint Jean de Maurienne 73300 (el. 560m) {76km SE of Chambery and 149km SW of Bourg d'Oisan}  -  6 nights

2nd Base Camp  -  Bourg-d’Oisans (51km S/E of Grenoble)  -  5 nights

3rd Base Camp  -   Sault, Vaucluse, Provence 84390 (182km SSW of Grenoble and 73km NEE from Avignon)  -  3 nights

One night at Hotel Boquier, 6 rue du portail boquier, Avignon