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Sunday 7:45am 25 Nov '07 - Anti-clockwise "Tour de Macarthur" from Birriwa Reserve Mount Annan via Narellan, Elderslie, Camden, Cobbitty, Theresa Park, Orangeville, Oakdale, Lake Burragorang Lookout, Mowbray Park, Picton, Menangle Park 115km

Route may be reduced to:

*     110km

*     102km by taking short cut to Cawdor during 1st Leg

*     91km by skipping 14km out 'n back to Lake Burragorang Lookout in 2nd Leg; and

   80km by a Left into Montpelier Drive rather than ahead into Burragorang Rd.  Montpelier Drive links back into Barkers Lodge Rd which leads to Picton  - easy peasy.

Lots of farms, horses, cows, sheep, goats and alpacas - ETR 2:30pm


Click on: Risk Warnings which warns of the dangers of cycling on public roads with motor cars, potholes and over bridges with vertical timber planks with gaps


Ride Organiser:     Phil Johnston 9114.6689 hm or 0412 045.224  Scribe, ToothFairy, TugBoat, ArchitectToo and DishPig are doing this ride.


Hardcopy these directions and bring on Sunday and suss out ya UBD and Route Map, so you have some idea where you are cycling


Ride single file on single lane roads which have an unbroken centre line, 'cause a RedNeck might clip ya!

  • Hardcopy these directions and bring on ride

  • Cycling with Muggs is predicated upon notifying Bank Teller if you materially disagree with any clause(s) in Muggaccinos' "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment"

  • Open the above URLs which provide useful info on our anti-clockwise route map with the above 3 * options to reduce the distance down to 80km

  • Maintain your membership of Bicycle NSW for $20m Public Liability cover in case you cause a serious accident and a 3rd party sues you for riding negligence

Driving Directions:
Early on a Sunday morn' Campbelltown is only 50min drive from Gordon via Homebush Bay Drive.
Right onto M5 about 1km past big Roselands sign on RHS. 

Exit M5 at 2nd Campbelltown Rd
keeping to right hand lane on the exit ramp. 
Follow directions to Narellan heading NWW along Narellan Rd for 2½km.
400m after passing Mount Annan Drive on LHS turn Left into Waterworth Drive. 
250m later turn Left into Wellings Drive. 
220m later turn Right into Fitzpatrick Rd. 
150m later turn Right into O'Brien Rd carpark in Birriwa Reserve


1st Leg: Birriwa Reserve Mount Annan carpark to Cobbitty Café Patisserie, Cobbitty - 31km - 80 min

7:45am cycle -


Birriwa Reserve, "Mount Annan"

leg km


agg km

ride time


L Fitzpatrick Rd 0.2 Wellings Drive 0.2 0.5 0:00
R Wellings Drive 0.2 Waterworth Drive 0.4 0.5 0:01
R Waterworth Drive 0.2 Narellan Rd 0.6 0.5 0:01
L Narellan Rd 1.9 Camden By-Pass 2.5 4.3 0:05
  1st Sag Stop   Camden By-Pass    2 0:07
L Camden By-Pass 6.2 Former Old Hume H'way/Broughton St 8.7 16.0 0:23
L Former Old Hume H'way/Broughton St 2.2  'Camden Valley Inn' 10.9 5.5 0:29
A Rememberance Drive 2.9 Cawdor Rd 13.8 7.0 0:36
R Cawdor Rd 2.3 Cawdor Primary School 16.1 5.7 0:42
R Cawdor (Main Southern) Rd 6.0 Argyle St 22.1 14.5 0:56
R Argyle St 0.5 Elizabeth St 22.6 1.4 0:57
L Elizabeth St 0.5 Exeter St 23.1 1.5 0:59
R Exeter St 0.1 Macquarie Grove Rd 23.2 0.2 0:59
L Macquarie Grove Rd 5.0 Cobbitty Rd 28.2 13.0 1:12
L Cobbitty Rd 3.0 Cobbitty Café Patisserie 31.2 8.0 1:20
  1st Nosh Stop   Cobbitty Café Patisserie    30 1:50

1st Nosh Stop (30 min) Cobbitty Café Patisserie, Cobbitty proudly owned by Elsa and Herve Lamy from 9:05am.  Herve is a Frenchman who knows how to bake pastries. Dead-set the cakes 'n tarts are scrumptious.

(Reduce 1st Leg by 10km by taking a Right (off Cawdor Rd) into Westbrook Rd and another Right back into Cawdor Rd, thereby skipping the final southern section to delightful, downtown Cawdor.

2nd Leg: Cobbitty Café Patisserie Cobbitty to Simply Delicious Café 135 Argyle St. Picton - 48km - 126 min

Saddle-up 9:45am:

ACobbitty Rd3.5Werombi Rd34.77.01:57
RWerombi Rd5.5 'Theresa Park'40.212.02:09
AWerombi Rd3.0Bobs Range Rd43.23.52:13
 2nd Sag Stop Bobs Range Rd  22:15
LBobs Range Rd3.5 'Orangeville'46.715.02:30
ABobs Range Rd3.0 'The Oaks'49.712.02:42
ABurragorang Rd5.8 'Oakdale'55.513.02:55
ABurragorang Rd6.0Lake Burragorang        Lookout Entrance61.517.03:12
RBurragorang Rd1.0Lake Burragorang Lookout62.52.53:14
 3rd Sag Stop Lake Burragorang Lookout  103:24
'U'Burragorang Rd1.0Lake Burragorang        Lookout Entrance63.52.53:27
LBurragorang Rd6.0 'Oakdale'69.517.03:44
RBarkers Lodge Rd2.1Mowbray Park Rd on R71.65.03:49
ABarkers Lodge Rd6.6 'Picton'78.216.04:05
LArgyle St1.2Simply Delicious Cafe79.43.04:08
 2nd Nosh Stop Simply Delicious Cafe  354:43
AArgyle St1.2Rememberance Drive80.66.04:49

Arrive at Historic Picton at 12:55am for 2nd Nosh Stop - 35 min at Simply Delicious Cafe 135 Argyle St, Picton on LHS.

(Reduce 2nd Leg by 23km by skipping the out/back to pristine taking a short cut by turning Left at 'The Oaks' and heading Sth into Montpelier Drive rather than ahead into Burragorang Rd.  Montpelier Drive links back into Barkers Lodge Rd which leads to Picton.)

3rd Leg: Picton to Menangle General Store - 17km - 53 min
Remount 1:30pm:

ARememberance Drive4.0Start of KOM - Crash Zone84.618.05:07
ARememberance Drive2.4Mt Hercules Rd- KOM87.08.05:15
ARememberance Drive5.0Finns Rd92.07.55:22
RFinns Rd2.5Woodbridge Rd94.57.05:29
LWoodbridge Rd2.2Menangle General Store96.76.05:35
 3rd Nosh Stop  'Menangle General Store'  256:00
LMenangle Rd4.5cross over Hume H'way101.212.06:12

Arrive at Menangle General Store at 2:20pm for 3rd Nosh Stop - 10 min.

4th Leg: Menangle General Store to Birriwa Reserve Mount Annan - 16km - 41 min

Rollout at 2:30pm:

AMenangle Rd6.1Tindall St107.315.06:27
 4th Sag Stop  Tindall St  36:30
RTindall St0.2Gilchrist Drive107.51.56:32
LKellicar St0.3Narellan Rd107.82.56:34
LNarellan Rd3.9Waterworth Drive111.79.06:43
LWaterworth Drive0.2Wellings Drive111.90.86:44
LWellings Drive0.2Fitzpatrick Rd112.10.56:44
RFitzpatrick Rd0.2Birriwa Reserve, "Mount Annan"112.30.56:45
 Birriwa Reserve, "Mount Annan"112.3 112.34056:45

Return to Birriwa Reserve, "Mount Annan" at 3:15pm  - 115km.

Scribe's rap-up and pics from 4th Berry "King of the Mountain Challenge Series"  -  21 Climbers over 7 days

Bank Teller  18 Nov ' 07  0412 045 224  9114.6689