The Bullsheet      Sunrise 7:03am

Bobbin Head Cycle Classic - 6:55am for 7:10am 'rollout' from Karuah Oval (250m Nth of Turramurra station - Cnr Karuah Rd and Eastern Rd) - route is via Bobbin Head, Mt. White to Calga, then retrace.  

Bank Teller, Andrew aka Scallop, and David aka CricketTragic have each registered thus far and nominated Muggaccinos at Club/Team$50 entry fee - register online - with net profits to two noteworthy Charities (1. Lifeline, 2. a children's hospital in Sierra Leone) - Let's support two local Rotary Clubs (Ku-ring-gai and Turramurra) seeking to encourage cycling and also fly the Muggaccinos' flag. 

Based on Bank Teller's allocated ride number of 866, rec'd two week's ago, 2,000 riders expected to 'dust off the months' to donate $50 to support this new, local annual event.

Pics from last Sunday's "Tour de Windsor via Sackville ferry" -  8 crew  -  112km

The Ferry Master told us that it was approaching high tide, but the black texta mark on the first vertical aluminum beam (on RHS) marks the high water mark from last week's flood.  Holy Shit, glad we piked out two week's running on this ride.

A closer look at where the water got to

Kevin aka TexDubbo feelin' happy we postponed today's ride 'twice'


Kevin aka TexDubbo trying to show that he truly does have a heart.  Well, he isn't afraid of this horse

Below pics 'pigging-out' at The Bridge Cafe Macq Square après a 67km 1st Leg.   Gees looks like a lot of intellectual firepower in the below 'snaps', but 'looks can deceive'.

Golly Gosh, $3 schooners on Monday nights, and no one noticed.  Andrew aka Scallop (center) in full throttle - doubtless a 'gravitas' issue of monumental consequence to David aka TreeHugger (concerned about falling debris)Another not to get flummoxed by Scallop's pronouncements was David aka CricketTragic seemingly scratching his back or lookin' for something in a back pocket

Richard aka Sloth arrived about 20 minutes after Bank Teller who thought that we had rolled out of Hornsby on the scheduled 7:35am, but  Andrew aka Scallop thought it might 've been a tad early.  If you think you are 80% likely to ride can ya let The Teller know, to mitigate getting left behind

BankTeller pondered whether First Timer, Sally, visits the same vitamin pill compounder as Floyd Landis and Alberto Contador  

Bank Teller   19 March '12