David is Head of Equities Research at Macquarie Bank in Hong Kong.  With that label, David has to understand Asian financial markets in particular what countries and sectors to invest in, and similarly what assets to divest of.  David has some interesting observations re China, India and Indonesia investing in global energy which not-unsurprisingly is a hot and contentious topic, as the emerging nations clamor for decreasing energy supplies in places such as Africa and the Sudan.

David also reports that the air pollution in parts of Asia which have contributed to deflation in consumer items in recent years is a major concern, and whilst he expects air effluence to continue, David opines that consumer prices have hit their nadir, and even China is looking to establish factories in cheaper third world countries due to higher local labour costs in China.

With David's wife and kids settled in Sydney, HongKong David flies back to Sydney for a week or so about 6 to 8 times each year.  Hence, he falls into the category of an Erstwhile Mugg.  On a Windsor ride mid-2007, with dark clouds mushrooming over the coast, David fielded a call from his wife asking if he needed a lift as "it is teaming down at Eastwood", so seemingly absence renders the heart fonder.

David owns a schmickers, mod-con 'state of the art' bike in Hong Kong but back in his local haunt, David sticks to his old faithful circa early '80s Peter Bundy white cromoly frame which still has the original paint job.  Seen on his tried and true 20+ year old steel treadley on the occasional Muggs' ride, David's style could be described as unfashionable but unrelenting.

Neil aka SoccerTragic and HongKong David  'shooten the breeze' with David at The Bridge Cafe Windsor on a pleasantly warm Winter's morn'  - circa 2007


When David was a young whipper snapper, he did a lot of hiking and foraging thru the forest.  Don't get him started on householders who have a fetish for pristinely groomed lawns, 'cause David likes 'em au naturalTreeHugger is on various tree and vegetation committees incl. Bush Heritage Australia and Royal Botanic Gardens (Trust) Australia.


Bank Teller views David atypical, 'cause most of the Greenie Tree Huggers that Phil has met within the cycling fraternity don't know the first thing about finance, in particular -

(i)       the projected usage of the cyclepath or other dedicated infrastructure they advocate the Govt to provide; or

(ii)      what the cyclepath they advocate for will cost the public purse. 

But if David espouses a Green premise, he can readily cost-justify its merit.

Another Tree Hugger