A scallop is a marine mollusk (an animal without a backbone) found in all of the world's oceans, many of which are prized as a food source.  The name "scallop" is derived from the Old French escalope, which means "shell".  Like the true oysters, scallops have a central adductor muscle, and thus the inside of their shells has a characteristic central scar, marking the point of attachment for this muscle. Scallops have up to 100 simple eyes strung around the edges of their mantles like a string of beads.

Andrew aka Scallop is the big bastard with the fair hair, in the above and below pics, who easily filled out one of the three Team Muggaccinos XXL jerseys. 




All we can deduce from the above explanation of those tiny animals without a backbone is that Andrew may be a Fisho, with a penchant for catching and cooking scallops.  If correct, Andrew can you bring a feed of those succulent 'fishes' for ya cycle mates - like the ones in the greasy pan - upper right.