Camping at quaint Berry Showground

400m Sth of Princess Highway encased between Albany, Victoria and Alexander Sts in main town street grid

No need to book in advance.  Caretaker, Phil Monaghan, lives at the campground.
Pay your camp fees the day you arrive.  if you are unsure how long you will stay, then pay for the minimum stay and the remainder when you know your definite departure.
Warm showers 'in situ'.

Large 6.5 hectares, lush, verdant grassy knoll to pitch lots of tents

Beer o'clock, after conquering 10.5km Macquarie Pass and the dreaded 5.25km Fountaindale Rd to Saddleback Mountain Lookout with three killer 500m circa +12o sections

We camp to the LHS of the old pavilion

Most mornings campers awake to the sound of horses hooves

More pics from 4th KOM Challenge in Nov 2007