Lawrence aka 'Tyro' is born 'n bred in Newtown, where he has evidenced real estate prices skyrocket as the Cosmopolitan Inner West becomes increasingly popular.

Approaching a small crest 500m Sth of Mt White on Easter Monday '06


The nom-de-plume, Tyro, has lots of meanings from 'rookie', 'pupil' and 'student'.  Hence, it is a generic sobriquet, 'cause a few dozen different cyclists take a peek at Muggs rides format and crew each year.  So we have lots of Tyros.  But Lawrence actually is a student/pupil in his 2nd year of an Ag Eco (Agriculture/Economics) Degree at Sydney Uni. 



Tyro's biggest cog on the back is 23, and with only a double chainring on the front, you'd expect he'd struggle on the hills.  Yet on his inaugural ride with Muggs out to Kurrajong Heights on Good Friday '06, Lawrence was only 5 seconds behind TugBoat up Bowen Mountain.  45 mins later, after jettisoning his backpack, Tyro veritably flew up the 6km Bellbird Hill KOM Climb finishing the never to be forgotten 900m up Warks Hill Rd in fine style.  Golly gosh Warks hill Rd is a veritable Ball-Tearer.



Pic snapped by Turramurra Cyclery photographer on assault of Barrengarry Mtn to Fitzroy Falls, late Nov '06