Document Findings

  1  Problems

Productivity Commission, 1999, Australia’s gambling industries: Inquiry report (No. 10). Canberra, Australia

 PC 1999

  2  Problems

Productivity Commission, 2010, Gambling. (No. 50). Canberra, Australia

 PC 2010

  3  Solutions

Wesley Mission’s 2023-27 NSW Gambling Reform Platform to Protect our Communities - March 2023


  4  Problems

Liquor & Gaming NSW Govt. ClubGrants Review - closed 18 March 2024


  5  Problems

Big Gambling is playing with our democracy - Australian Financial ReviewElizabeth Baldwin, Kate Griffiths  -  Nov 2023 

Reducing gambling political donations

  6  Problems

Review of the ClubGRANTS Scheme  -  Discussion Paper  - December 2023


  7  Problems

‘Gambling capital of Australia’: Six charts that show the scale of poker machine use in NSW - SMH  - 


  8  Problems

Regulatory responsibilities of Liquor and Gaming NSW


  9  Problems

Gambling participation, experience of harm and community views  -  March 2023 -  Australian Gambling Research Centre


10  Problems

Gambling participation and experience of harm in Australia  -  Australian Gambling Research Centre  -  March 2023


11 Problems

The social cost of gambling to Victoria  -  Victorian responsible gambling foundation  -  2017


12  Problems

The economic and social cost of harms associated with gambling in England - Jan 2023 - Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, U.K.


13  Problems

Urgent reform of our gambling laws is needed. "Our current legislation is outdated and analogue - we need a new Gambling Act, fit for the digital age." - APPG Gambling Related Harm


14  Problems

Gambling treatment: assessing the current system in England7 March 2024


15  Problems

Gambling addicts will die because of delay to reforms, government warned - The Guardian UK  -  2023


16  Problems

Gambling white paper: Young gamblers could face £2 slot machine limit  -  27 Apr 2023


17  Problems

GOV.UK - White Paper - High stakes: gambling reform for the digital age - 27 April 2023


18  Problems

The association between gambling and financial, social and health outcomes in big financial data - Muggleton, Parpart, Newall , Leake, Gathergood Stewart -  UK - 2021


19  Problems

Using big financial data to understand how gambling is associated with financial, social, and health outcomes


20  Problems

How gambling problems relate to health and wellbeing in Australian households: Evidence from the Household Income and Labour Dynamics of Australia Survey - Catherine Tulloch, Nerilee Hing, Matthew Browne, Matthew Rockloff - 2023


21  Problems

Gambling Harm Experienced by Children Exposed to Parental Gambling: An Online Survey of Australians - Aino Suomi · Nina Lucas · Nicki Dowling · Paul Delfabbro  : 7 May 2023

Various costs incurred

22  Problems

Landmark report reveals harms associated with gambling estimated to cost society at least £1.27 billion a year Public Health England -  Sept 21


23  Problems

Major reform of U.K. gambling laws to protect vulnerable users in smartphone era - 27 April 2023


24  Problems

The U.K. government white paper’s proposals are limited and lack urgency - 9 May 2023 - Samantha L Thomas, professor of public health,  Martin McKee, professor of European health,  Mike Daube, emeritus professor


25  Solution

Gambling disorder in the UK: key research priorities and the urgent need for independent research funding - Copyright © 2022

Learn from abroad

26  Solution

Use of credit for gambling online-2023  Alliance for Gambling Reform Policy Paper


27  Problems

The rest of the world is in disbelief at what the gambling industry has pulled off in Australia. We need real reform  - The Guardian -  Tim Costello  -  17 Jan 2023

Pokies in NSW

28  Solution

Electronic gaming machines: what lessons from Norway?


29  Solution

NSW’s cashless gambling trial expands to include nearly 4,500 poker machines

Cashless trail

30  Solution

Unions say Minns government must slash pokie numbers in clubs, pubs

Union pressure

30  Solution

Review of Self-exclusion from Gambling Venues as an Intervention for Problem Gambling  Sally M. Gainsbury  -  2013


31  Solution

NSW Government Urges Public Input on ClubGRANTS Scheme

Public input

32  Solution

Online self-exclusion from multiple gambling venues: Stakeholder co-design of a usable and acceptable self-directed website


33  Solution

ClubSAFE Multi Venue Self Exclusion


34  Solution

Do you want to learn more about third-party exclusion? - Gambling Help On-line

3rd party exclusion

35  Problem

Slot Machine Payback Percentages: The Devil is in the Moment 


36  Problem

Slot Machines - Payout percentage


37  Problem

Slot machines by country  -  Australia


38  Solution

 Western Australia shows the harm poker machines are doing to the rest of the country


39  Solution

Queensland gaming regulator urged to consider mandatory pokies preset spending limit, review underway

Qld initiatives sought

40  Solution

Minns Government lowers poker machine entitlements in NSW, reduces cash feed-in limit on new machines

NSW improvements

41  Problem

NSW Liquor & Gaming - Six Monthly Gaming Machine Data -  Last updated 24 April 2023

         Clubs Gaming machine report by LGA  (Excel file) - 1 Dec 2022 – 31 May 2023

*·         Hotels Gaming machine report by LGA (Excel file) - 1 Jan 2023 – 30 Jun 2023


42  Solution

Gamblers to be restricted to $100 limits on poker machines in Victoria as part of new reforms - ABC News - Jul 2023

Victoria reforms

43  Problem

Gambling in Australia - 7 Sept 2023  -  Australian institute of Health & Welfare


43  Problem

Gambling in Australia - statistics & facts  -  Statista Research Department, Jan 10, 2024


44  Problem

Pokies pub test  - December 2017 -  Australia Institute


45  Solution

Excel spreadsheet listing number of poker machines in licensed clubs and in hotels in each of Australia's six states


46  Solution

Qld Govt Liquor and Gaming - Number of Poker Machines - 2021

47  Solution Poker Machine Harm Minimisation Bill 2008  and  ATMs and Cash Facilities in Licensed Venues Bill 2008  
48  Solution Western Australia shows the harm poker machines are doing to the rest of the country  
49  Solution Pokies legislation passes Tasmania's upper house, on track to become law and end Federal Group's monopoly TasmanianLeglislation
50  Solution Joint Statement on Poker Machines in Tasmania (2024 Tasmanian State Election) Joint Statement
51  Solution ACT Government is proposing to establish a ‘central monitoring system’ to introduce $5 bet and $100 credit limits for poker machines in the ACT ACT protection
52  Solution Calls for gambling reform as Australia poker machine losses hit $11.4b in financial year to 30 June 2022 Vic reforms sought
53  Problem Betting on a winner - gambling companies political donations  
54  Solution

NSW government moves to ban political donations from clubs with poker machines - The Guardian - May 2013

55  Solution Sought after changes to controlling and playing poker machines in NSW to 'inter alia' reduce NSW poker machine numbers in line with the average (per capita) of other five states and two territories  

56  Solution

Not just harmless fun’: MP explains why ‘addictive’ poker machines should be banned   -  March 03, 2024

57  Problem No regrets, says Bob Carr, despite 'bargain with the devil' on poker machines  
58  Problem Perrottet blasts Carr over pokies legacy after Nazi uniform jibe  
59  Problem  A History of Machine Gambling in the NSW Club Industry: From Community Benefit to Commercialisation - July 2006 "Conclusion"
61  Problem

Understanding the Odds - Australasian Gaming Council

62  Problem Gaming Machines (Poker Machines, "Pokies")  -  ‘Return to Player’ percentage (RTP).  
63  Problem

Return to player: how much gaming machines payout  -  UK Gambling Commission

64  Solution Gambling:- Promoting a culture of responsibility - INDEPENDENT PRICING AND REGULATORY TRIBUNAL OF NEW SOUTH WALES  - June 2004  
65  Problem Poker machines -  GambleAware - NSW Govt.  
66  Problem Pathological Choice: The Neuroscience of Gambling and Gambling Addiction  -  Nov 6; 2013  
67  Problem    Designed to deceive: How gambling distorts reality and hooks your brain - The Conversation  - 13 April 2018   
68  Problem Problem gambling: Why do some people become addicted?  -   BBC  - 2  
69  Problem No regrets, says Bob Carr, despite 'bargain with the devil' on poker machines - SMH  -  Michael Koziol & Nigel Gladstone   July 4, 2018  
70 Solution

Why reducing gambling harm is imperative  -  SouthSydneyHerald  - Stu Cameron   March 7, 2023

71 Solution Unions say Minns government must slash pokie numbers in clubs, pubs  -  SMH  -  Alexandra Smith  
72  Problem Three charts on: Australia’s addiction to poker machines - The Conversation  -   June 27, 2017