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In some Australian states and territories, people can apply to have a family member or friend banned from gambling venues. This is called third-party exclusion. This prevents the excluded person from entering gambling venues for the duration of exclusion period. Most states have no legal requirement to offer third-party exclusion, but South Australia and Tasmania provide third-party exclusions in hotels, pubs and clubs. Casinos in most states can also apply involuntary bans on customers.

Third-party exclusion can help the excluded person control their gambling if they’re not able or willing to self-exclude. By not having access to gambling venues, the person is less likely to be tempted to gamble, which can prevent further financial losses and other negative consequences. Third-party exclusion can be a helpful step in their recovery by giving them time and space to focus on getting other kinds of help and taking care of other parts of their life.

Despite these benefits, having someone banned from gambling venues is a serious step. The excluded person may feel like they have lost control over their choices and actions. If you have questions or concerns about third-party exclusions, it's a good idea to reach out to talk to a counsellor about it

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