Andy's Cafe Galston Rd, North Galston/Arcadia - 9653.2525

The owner, two owners back, put this cafe for cyclists between Galston Gorge and the Berowra Waters punt "on the map".  That owner's name was Grumpy, by name and ornery by nature.  But at least we all knew not to waste Grumpy's time dallying when giving our order, because the service was good and the food hit-the-spot.  Thence Andy bought the joint and was pleasantly amenable to cyclists who didn't merely use his toilets and chomp on their own energy snacks.  Alas, ill-health caused Andy to sell.  The new owner is Paul who brings an oriental touch with occasional spicy hot chicken snacks.

Paul, our host at Andy's Cafe Arcadia, prepared some yummy Indian food

Three of the lads copped some flack for not having shaved on Boxing Day 2008.  C if U can pick 'em.
L 2 R   Trevor aka Tornado, Greg aka ArchitectToo, Jean aka ChiliDog, Bank Teller, Tyro Justine, Matt aka Printer, Paul aka Pilot and Jack Nicholson aka The Shining

May '14