Born in Yorkshire. Long time resident in The Netherlands and brief visits and stays in other European countries before meeting and marrying Central Coast stunning beauty Rosemarie!

Lived together in Amsterdam for six years, when first born was one year old, moved to Sydney.
Works in manufacturing and lives in Willoughby.
Hobbies are flying and since 2004, cycling.  Bought his first bike after finding that cycling helped impact injuries aggravated by running. Still gaining strength, although with those quads Pilot already has plenty.  Encouraged by a flotilla of female fans.


Paul and RoseMarie rolling out at 7:10am.  RoseMarie was particularly chuffed, as she has dutifully supported Paul at previous Bright campaigns, but this time she entered the ride as well. 


Helga aka Blonde Bombshell 'n RoseMarie on the trail North to the dreaded Paroo KOM Climb


RoseMarie on her first Muggs' ride - circa Feb 07


Paul aka Pilot  and Justine aka Trumpeter on the Sorrento Ferry at approx half way through the 210km Around the Bay in a Day