The Bullsheet

Sunday, 23 Dec '07 rollout Hornsby carpark 6:20am or St Ives carpark at 6:45am via Church Point to aboard 9am Ferry from Palm Beach to  Wagstaffe Wharf, McMasters Beach, Woy Woy, Kariong, Mt White, PitS, Hornsby - 137km - ETR 2:15pm

Or aboard a train at Woy Woy -

*        back to Hornsby station from - 80.4km - ETR Hornsby 12:15pm

*        back to Hawkesbury River station and cycle via PitS to Hornsby - 107km - ETR 2pm

Or return from Palm Beach with a Nosh Stop at Bayview Marina - 92km - ETR 12:10pm

If you are delayed, you could opt to stay on flattish Barrenjoey Rd to Palm Beach Wharf, rather than taking Right past Avalon Rd up hilly Whale Beach Rd, reducing ride time by 12/15 mins.

  • Print out 137km Ride Description and 137km Summary Data  or 80km Ride Description and 80km Summary Data

  • No CityRail track work on train line between Wyong and Hornsby this Sunday

  • Ride Organiser:   Phil Johnston 9114.6689 hm or 0412 045.224

  • Hardcopy these directions and bring on ride

  • Click on: Risk Warnings which warns of the dangers of cycling on public roads with motor cars, potholes and over bridges with vertical timber planks with gaps

  • Cycling with Muggs is predicated upon notifying Bank Teller if you materially disagree with any clause(s) in Muggaccinos' "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment"

  • Peruse your UBD which will highlight that our route from Wagstaffe hugs the lower Central Coast before heading SW to Woy Woy and Kariong

  • Never cycle two abreast on a single lane road with an unbroken centre line, 'cause RTA deems those sections provide inadequate visibility for a motorist to overtake an vehicle ahead. 

  • Maintain your membership of Bicycle NSW for $20m Public Liability cover in case you cause a serious accident and a 3rd party sues you for riding negligence

Rollout Hornsby carpark 6:20am or St Ives carpark at 6:45am.  L at Terrey Hills Fruit Barn for 1st SagStop (min) then down McCarrs Creek Rd, with 2nd SagStop (10 min) at Church Point.  into Barrenjoey Rd near Bungan Beach, thru Newport, Bilgola, Avalon and R into Whale Beach Rd for 5km following coast line to Palm Beach Wharf to catch 9am ferry 1st Nosh Stop (30 min trip) to Wagstaffe Wharf.  

If U R delayed, you could opt to stay on flattish Barrenjoey Rd to Palm Beach Wharf, rather than hilly Whale Beach Rd, reducing ride time by 12/15 mins.
Pedal 7km Nth from Wagstaffe Wharf to McMasters Lookout, continue Nth 10km, then wind SW twds Woy Woy, thence Kariong, Mt White for
2nd Nosh Stop, then 3rd Nosh Stop at Pie in the Sky.   19km South down Old Pacific H'way to Hornsby.

1st       St Ives carpark                                             4th  Entrance to Barrenjoey Rd from Avalon shops               
Terrey Hills Fruit Barn                                   5th  Marie Byles Lookout, McMasters Beach                        
  Church Point                                                6th  Kariong Shell Garage                         
Nosh Stops:
1st      Ferry ride to Wagstaffe Wharf                       3rd  Pie in the Sky, Nth Cowan                   
2nd     Road Warriors Cafe, Mt White

1st Leg:    Hornsby Jersey St carpark to St Ives carpark                             10.9km       2min

2nd Leg:  St Ives to Church Point                                                               20.2km       48 min

3rd Leg:   Church Point to Palm Beach General Store                               18.6km       46 min

4th Leg:    Wagstaffe Wharf to Marie Byles Lookout, McMasters Beach       6.0km       16 min

5th Leg:    Marie Byles Lookout to Cnr Scenic Rd & Cullens Rd                   9.4km       24 min

6th Leg:    Cullens Rd to Kariong Shell Garage                                         27.0km       80 min

7th Leg:    Kariong Shell Garage to Road Warriors Cafe Mt White              9.8km       24 min

8th Leg:    Mt White to Pie in the Sky                                                         16.0km       40 min

9th Leg:    Pie in the Sky to Hornsby Jersey St carpark                              19.0km       48 min

Scribe's rap-up of Tour de Woy Woy - 7 crew - 93km

Can the verdant grassy knoll under the unnamed leafy tree at Mt White get any greener?

L to R above - James aka SmallBusDriver, Ann aka ToothFairy, Matt aka Printer, Martin aka Architect, Scribe & Vic aka BigBusDriver

Printer, Lawyer and Architect at Calga Interchange

Which one of these three doubtfuls could be in the Sicilian mafia?

Check out the grub you can pig-out when you work hard - Woy Woy Cafe after 75km

Scribe   16 Dec '07