The Bullsheet

7:45am Monday, 11 June Tour de Windsor - 119km approx -  ETR 2:45pm
Contingent upon good weather, Rex aka Pimpernel
0408 503.442 and a few other stalwarts intend riding the below route at 7:45am from Hornsby car-park [100m Nth/West of Railway Hotel in Jersey St, Hornsby]

*    Experienced Cyclists Only - hardcopy and study route with your UBD prior to Monday as the Ride Organiser is in the USA

*    Brings snacks to chomp whilst on Sackville Ferry (50km) as the first leg is a longish 68km

To Windsor, via Galston Gorge, Cattai Ridge Rd, Halcrows Rd, Sackville Ferry - 68km approx:

*    from Hornsby station  carpark Nth up Jersey St for 500m, 

*    L into Bridge Rd 40m to lights at Old Pacific H’way, 

*    R Nth for 700m on Old Pacific H’way

*    L at lights into Galston Rd for 5km to Galston Gorge noisy timber bridge,

*    Ascend for 3km to Crosslands Rd,

*    L for 1.1km to main roundabout
Ahead into Mid Dural Rd for 1.9km,
*    R into Old Northern Rd for 3.9km,
*    L into
Cattai Ridge Rd for 9km,
*    Veer R into Halcrows Rd for 7½km,
*    R into
Wisemans Ferry Road for 13km,
*    L into
Sackville Ferry Rd slowly descending for 9km to Sackville Ferry - cross on Ferry,
*    Ahead on Sackville Rd for 9km,
*    Ahead into King Rd for 1km,
*    L into Wilberforce Rd for 7km eventually crossing Windsor Bridge and short uphill to the roundabout,
*    Right into George Street for a Nosh Stop (35 min) from approx 11:00am at The Bridge Cafe opposite the hotel.

Return at 11:35am via Pitt Town Rd to Galston Park - 38km

R Macquarie St 0.2 NE Windsor Rd
R Windsor Rd 2.0 SE Pitt Town Rd
L Pitt Town Rd 0.8 NEE Wolseley Rd
R Wolseley Rd 1.5 SE Stock Route Rd
L Stock Route Rd 2.0 NNE Scheyville Rd
R Scheyville Rd 3.7 NEE Reich Rd
R Neich Rd 0.9 E Pitt Town Rd
A Pitt Town Rd 13.9 SE Kenthurst Rd
R Kenthurst Rd 4.4 SSW Pellit Lane
L Pellit Lane 0.2 NNE Wirrabarra Rd
L Wirrabarra Rd 0.7 NNE Derriwong Rd
L Derriwong Rd 0.5 NW Davey/Langford Rd
R Davey/Langford Rd 1.6 NE Wyoming Rd
R Wyoming Rd 0.7 E Old Northern Rd
  Sag Stop      50m before Old Northern Rd
L Old Northern Rd 2.6 S Mid Dural Rd
R Mid Dural Rd 1.9 E Galston Rd
A Galston Rd 0.8 E Galston Park
  2nd Nosh Stop     Galston Park

1:50pm Galston Gorge to Hornsby - 12.6km - ETR 2:30pm

L Galston Rd 1.1 ~ E Crosslands Rd
R Galston Rd 3.2 \ SE Galston Gorge bridge
A Galston Rd 3.0 / E Brett Ave KOM
  Sag Stop       Hornsby Heights
Bus Shelter
A Galston Rd 3.1 ~ SE Old Pacific H'way
R Old Pacific H'way 1.3 ~ S Hornsby station carpark

Pimpernel's rap-of Duffy's Forest, West Head, Bayview Marina & Akuna Bay - 91km - 16 crew

14 starters rolled out of St Ives carpark on schedule at 8.05am on another brisk, clear early Winter's morn. 

Assembled in St Ives carpark on time and in formation.  Heaven forbid!!!  Cyclists might actually be reading The Bullsheet instead of leaving the brain at home on battery standby content upon rolling out at any old time in any old fashion content to play follow the leader.

Samurai pulled the bunch up at West Head Entrance to snap a lean, hungry, mean crew with Todd looken' as though he was on angry pills

Regulars incl Arno aka The Kaiser, Grant aka BeanCounter, Tony aka Samurai, Rex aka Pimpernel, Guy aka Lawyer, Todd aka I.T. Nerd, Jean aka DishPig, Trevor aka Tornado, Ann Marie & Adam We were also joined by erstwhile, David R, who works for Macq Bank as a senior equities broker in Hong Kong, as well as Douglas, Jason and Glenn aka Moots who are off to the States next weekend to Race Across America. Nerida aka Ned, who hails from the Southside, was in the area visiting The Outlaws, so joined us as well and also Kaza.  Two more linked-in at Terrey Hills Fruit Barn Sag Stop

All cyclists took the advertised route to West Head via Duffy's Forest, except for Adam & Ann Marie who pedaled direct to Bayview. 

The Headland on a corker of a morn' with Jean aka DishPig (centre screen) looken' as though he had just been stung by a bee or in rapturous laughter over something he'd just heard from Glenn on his left.

From West Head, some starters retraced back to St Ives, some to a coffee shop at Terrey Hills and Grant & Arno back via Akuna Bay.  It was Arno’s last ride before going to Europe this Saturday for 5 weeks cycling in France for part of it. The lucky few who made it to Bayview Marina were Todd, Rex, Nerida, Guy, Tony, Jean and Trevor, i.e. apart from Ann Marie & Adam who’d already left.  

Nestled against the water's edge on a verdant grassy backdrop, consensus prevailed that Bayview Marina is a must Nosh Stop when we cycle that neck of the woods with great food, a stunning, tranquil view and friendly staff.

Guy held the Muggs' banner high by doing the chivalrous thing helping a damsel in distress who’d ridden by herself up from Gladesville, without a pump, spare tube or puncture kit. She did carry a mobile phone. Yes she had a flat.

Pic on RHS is Todd devouring a hamburger.  According to the provider of these pics, there is some conjecturer as to whose burger it was, but as half of it had vanished faster than a fart in a fan factory and judging by the savouring look of contentment, Todd thought he'd chomped into his right order.

Rex, Todd, Jean, Ned and Tony feeling mellow at Bayview Marina after 70 clicks

From Bayview Marina, Trevor aka Tornado & Jean aka DishPig headed East to Manly, while Guy, Todd, Tony and Rex returned to St Ives via Akuna Bay. Nerida took the direct route. Post ride, we rejoined for a quick Nosh Stop at Patterson’s Patisserie and dispersed whereupon Rex cycled with Todd to the top of Bobbo, just to get his 100 + clicks up !!! 

Todd, composed, spoon down, posing for a picture at Pattisons

Rex, pre-occupied with the task at hand and unfussed about being captured for posterity force-feeding his melon.

Guy post ride at Pattisons

Ned had changed back into her Sunday best post ride and was either trying to take a primitive wind reading or had taken umbrage at something the photographer had muttered.

A great day and many tales; even talk of people seeing a rooster on the West Head road, not the feathery, animal variety!  It was a bit foggy / misty in parts out that way!!  Don’t know where they had been the night before or what they may have been snorting.  As the Home Page proclaims, "Social intercourse with a crew or reprobates and misfits."  What ever floats ya boat!  We don't care, so long as you are ready to rollout on time and make it to the first scheduled Nosh Stop in time to refuel, natter some friendly Sunday morn' low key banter and be ready to roll on to the next scheduled cafe.

Scribe   4 June 2007