Issues for consideration by the Strata Committee of SP7919 to improve the appearance of the 'common areas'

1.    About 55 house bricks and rubble need to be removed to improve the aesthetics/appearance of the external 'common areas'.

2.    Six house bricks and rubble, and a steel pole, at the Nor East of the 'common area' also need to be removed

3.    Fallen tree branches and three long black steel poles need to be removed from the southern end of the external 'common area'

4.    A small amount of cement needs to be applied at the base of each of the 12 vertical air/light cavities on the western wall of the carport, at a 5 degrees (approx) angle leaning down towards the grass area outside (prior to the paintworks scheduled for this January) to overcome rainwater leaks that drain down the inner wall and also other leaks that drain into some of the besser blocks at the base of the wall cavities

5.    The rear entrance pathway at the southern side of the 'common area' pools rain water (near the access door) causing unsightly green mould that will eventually undermine the structural integrity of the concrete slab outside the rear entrance pathway

6.    The metal vent at the southern end of the front grass area has an unsightly large dent which hopefully can be reshaped/reduced prior to painting works in January

7.    Minor painting of where previous staircase banisters were mounted in the internal staircase and a small repair to a broken piece of cement work might also be worthwhile

8.    Laying an inch of top soil and also applying some phosphate to the grass area in front of building would smooth out lumps in the ground and improve the appearance

9.    Foliage above staircase needs to be cut back to enable painting beneath it

10.  Blocked gutters due to fallen gum tree leaves above patio outside rear entrance door need to be cleaned out

11.  Water damage, carpet stain and squeaking fire alarm - 12 March 2022

12.  External Common Area

13.  Upper lip of the seven balconies' brickwork may need re waterproof cementing

14.  Four Iron Grid Drains on high side of land are full of leaves

15. Rain water penetrating garage and flooding rear balcony  -  February 2023

16. Evidence of gutter replacement - February 2020

17. External Driveway Lighting

18. Slightly L shaped new concrete pathway req'd so rainwater runs into the existing brown metal drain at the bottom of below RHS picture

19. Comms Room

20. Carport fire door

21. Sewerage blockage affecting Unit #2 and #3  - 14 March 2024

22. Leaning eucalypts tree

23. Two or three dead branches on trees located on the nature strip

24. Metal cabinets and items needed to be moved in carport to enable painting of walls and concrete support columns
































a)    A wall hook now holds the door from the carport to the staircase, rather than relying on house bricks.

b)    Green Bins

c)    Verosol roller blinds sought for two windows and one sliding doors at Unit 5, 13-15 Stokes St, Lane Cove North

d)   Electrical work at Unit 5, 13-15 Stokes St

e)   Electricity invoices

f)    Photos of electricity meter readings