A few water damage issues, a carpet stain and a fire alarm (outside my front door) that is making a short high pitched noise for one second every 40 or so seconds

A slightly dripping overhead pipe outside Paolo's carparks on the far LHS.  Below is the evidence of where the drips puddle.

Rainwater drained from under the stairwell (higher ground) into the carports

I put the two green bins out last Wednesday and were collected Thurs.  The heavy rain caused larger branches to fall.


There is a brown carpet stain just inside the main entrance door.


Above pic is a fire alarm that started sounding for about 1 second every 40 seconds sometime early this morning. 
Subject to Strata Committee approval, I am prepared to try and reset it by pushing the button apparent in the above picture, which i think is a reset button.
However, one of you chaps may be familiar with this device.