George's Moss Vale Nov 2020 Pics

Above 'n below pics in Berrima on Tues

Above four pics snapped at a Bowral cafe on Wed.

Jean aka ChiliDog, BankTeller and Mark aka Longhaul during a cheerful Happy Hour

George aka Englishman appearing regal, noble and imperial at a Bus Stop at the apex of Mt. Gibraltar

The view from Mt Gibraltar after the arduous climb from Mittagong

Chris aka RecalcitrantBankTeller going slow

Blossoms were plentiful on Thurs ride

The Bundanoon train station

Bundanoon has a Public House for gentlemen to socialise

The rollout on Friday

PapaBear appearing relaxed.  Or far from it.  Perhaps he was waiting for others to catch-up

En route to Belmore Falls on Friday

A view of Belmore Falls

Above two pics at Robertson Pie Shop

Above two pics at Kangaroo Valley on Sat.

Din dins on Friday night at The Southern Highlands Winery

The Berrima Patisserie

A regal building in Berrima

A Nosh Stop in Mittagong

Two pics of the Bong Bong Bicycle track.  A safe way to cycle from Moss Vale to north of Burradoo, thence follow the train line on backroads to Mittagong

A few pics from BankTeller below

Gabby, Margaret, Helen and David appearing cordial at our familiar Camp Kitchen

Lots of affability, perhaps because no one had the energy approaching After Dark to be otherwise

Eliz aka Not-Normal-Nonna, Pacific Pete and Bazza also appearing cheerful

BankTeller sleeps in his green sleeping bag in his blue tent to save money for beer during COVID restrictions

A Green Grasshopper cicada took a fancy to BankTeller's tent