The Bullsheet               DRAFT ONLY


Below is a proposed 3 day route based on the original route proposed by Climate Ride organisers

























This invitation will remain in draft form until Bank Teller has -

(i)       ascertained a few members of Parliament are supporting the Climate Protection Bill;

(ii)      established when the Climate Protection Bill is being tabled in the Federal Lower House; and

(iii)     published a detailed route description which lists -
a)    every town cyclists will pass through;
b)    the name of the road between each town;
c)    identified all off-roads sections and the quality of the off road sections; and
c)    the distance between each town.

Presently, Bank Teller is researching an alternate two day route catching a train from Central and alighting at 9:41am on Sat 20th Sept at Mittagong and cycling from via Bundanoon, Penrose, Marulan to Tarago (110km) on Saturday and cycling 68km via Bungadore to Canberra on Sunday morn' 21st Sept -  see large map 2nd below.

The Australian Climate Protection Bill reputedly has been sculptured from the UK Climate Change Bill which is presently under consideration at the House of Commons after completing its passage through the House of Lords on 31 March 2008. 

However, the Australian draft Climate Protection Bill doesn't seem a patch on the format of the UK Climate Change Bill

Compared to 1990 levels the -

*    UK Bill seeks to reduce UK carbon dioxide emission by at least     26% by 2020 and at least 60% by 2050.

*    Australia Bill seeks to reduce gas emissions by at least                    50% by 2020, and 100% by 2040.

The Australian draft bill is patently much more draconian.  Whereupon Bank Teller doubts that with very few exceptions, any MP will support the current drafting of the Climate Protection Bill because our politicians primary concern is their longevity in office. "A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul -George Bernard Shaw" 

Depart Friday 19 Sept '08 - return by train from Canberra midday Mon 22 Sept or Tues arvo 23 Sept

Muggaccinos 257km “Cycle to Seek our Pollies to Pass Climate Protection Bill"

3 day supported ride
departs Campbelltown on Friday 19 Sept '08 to arrive midday Canberra Sunday 21 Sept

Muggaccinos contingent would be part of Climate Ride to Canberra along this Recommended Route  detailed at
ClimateMovement.Org.Au  promoted by Nature Conservation Council of NSW


Risk Warnings

*        Click on: Risk Warnings which warns of the dangers of cycling on public roads with motor cars, potholes and over bridges with vertical timber planks with gaps

*        Cycling with Muggs is predicated upon notifying Bank Teller if you materially disagree with any clause(s) in Muggaccinos' "Ride Participants Liability Acknowledgment"

*        Peruse the above maps so you know where you are cycling, because some of the route is on federal highways which have lots of traffic, and some of it is in a hurry

*        You must dismount and walk over any timber bridges unless you are very confident that there are no gaps between planks which could catch your wheel and bring you down

*        Never cycle two abreast on a single lane road with an unbroken centre line, 'cause RTA deems those sections provide inadequate visibility for a motorist to overtake an vehicle ahead. 

*        Maintain your membership of Bike NSW or Bike Vic. for $20m Public Liability cover in case you cause a serious accident and a 3rd party sues you for riding negligence


Fri 19 Sept      Catch 8:53am train from Central Railway arrive Campbelltown station at 9:54am
Ride from Campbelltown station 10am.  The late Start is to enable all Ride Participants to arrive at Campbelltown by 10am. 

Cyclists can opt to commence from different Start spots to arrive Campbelltown by 10am.  However, mindful that it is a Saturday most suburban roads will be busy. 

Lunch at Mittagong at
Toddys Coffee Shop from 12:45pm for 45 mins - arrive Moss Vale 2:30pm - 72km

Plenty of beaut cafes and restaurants in the Mecca of the Southern Highlands to Pig-Out and "Re-Hydrate AfterDark".

1. Head northwest on Dumaresq St 0.9km
2. Slight left to stay on Dumaresq St 0.4km
3. Slight left at Hurley St
Go through 1 roundabout
0.8 km
4. Continue on Kellicar Rd 0.9km
5. Turn right at Narellan Rd 2.0 km
6. Take the ramp onto S Western Fwy 24.6 km
7. Continue on Hume Hwy 24.5 km
8. Exit onto Old Hume Hwy 6.2 km
9. Turn left at The Highlands Way - Go through 1 roundabout 5.3 km
10. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Moss Vale Rd 3.9 km
11. Continue on The Highlands Way 4.0 km
12. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Illawarra Hwy 0.7 km


Sat 20 Sept  
   Depart Moss Vale 8:45am - lunch in Goulburn at 11am for 45mins at Famous Goulburn Pie Shop - arrive Gunning from 3:45pm  - 117 km

Din Dins
and Plonk in Gunning's best and brightest Nosh House before 9pm curfew.


1. Head southwest on Illawarra Hwy toward White St 12.8 km
2. Turn left to merge onto Hume Hwy 69.4 km
3. Slight right to stay on Hume Hwy 32.9 km
4. Turn right at Collector Rd 1.3 km
5. Continue on Gundaroo St 0.4 km
6. Turn left at Yass St 0.4 km


Sunday 21 Sept     
Depart Gunning 8am - Lunch at Gunaroo 10am - Arrive
Canberra  – 68km –  by midday to ride final 5km with other cyclists (from other parts of Oz) who "Support the Climate Protection Bill" to Parliament House – by 12:30pm to meet the Pollies. 

Stay at Victor Lodge (up-market Youth Hostel) where Scribe has stayed about 4 visits previously, or next door at Monaro  Motel.

Victor Lodge is You Beaut with lots of nice restaurants at nearby Kingston Square shopping plaza and good access to city.

1. Head southwest on Yass St toward Nelanglo St 0.3 km
2. Slight right at Hume St 0.5 km
3. Turn left at Gundaroo Rd 25.7 km
4. Continue on Cork St 4.4 km
5. Continue on Sutton-Gundaroo Rd 9.0 km
6. Continue on Sutton Rd 8.4 km
7. Take the ramp onto Federal Hwy - pass thru one roundabout to enter ACT 14.0 km
8. Continue on Northbourne Ave 4.6 km
9. Enter Vernon Cir 0.5 km


Monday 22 Sept   Site seeing Canberra and -

                               *        catch train (see below CountryLink map) from Canberra at 12:05pm to arrive Central Sydney at 4:24pm - fare is $48.02; or

                               *        stay at Victor Lodge a second night; and


Tues 23 Sept        More site seeing and catch train at 5:05pm to arrive Central Sydney at 9:25pm - fare is $48.02.

Click on Accommodation spreadsheet which shows plenty of pub and motel accommodation on the 3 worksheets therein, with Moss Vale NSW and Gunning NSW cheap and Canberra ACT not so cheap.

Please e-mail Scribe if you are >60% certain of Participating.  If you want to be a Ride Participant, you should book your accommodation and pay 50% deposit for Moss Vale and Gunning (both cheap as chips) by end July, because we don't know how popular the Climate Ride to Canberra will be.

We require one Support Vehicle/Sag Wagon with external bike rack to fit at least 2 bikes for each 8 Ride Participants (on ave) on the basis that a large 6 cylinder SUV can probably hold say 9 overnight bags and a small 4 cylinder will hold 5 or 6 overnight bags.  Ride Participants will pay Support Vehicle/Sag Wagon $18 each to carry their one overnight bag for petrol - there and back.  Scribe can provide his cruddy Mitsubishi Lancer as he has a 2 bike rack which affixes to his boot and take 6 overnight bags, plus his own.  However, if larger cars are offered, Phil will pay $18 twds one of them. 

At least 50% of Participants are likely to want to ride the entire 257km route, so if you want to bludge, you may find yourself driving up to half the route.

As listed above, the train fare for adults aged under 60 from Canberra to Central Railway Sydney is $48.  The 'Contribution for Petrol' from a Ride Participant to grab a lift back to Sydney (incl their overnight bag/bike) from a Support Vehicle/Sag Wagon Provider is also $48.

Support the Climate Protection Bill explains "What can you do" to maximise the impact of becoming a Ride Participant by 'inter alia' collecting signed postcards to signify public concern that our politicians make the tough decisions to reign-in climate change.

Why would you want to nominate as a Ride Participant?

1.        Heaps of adventure and fun.

2.        Do what few Australians have done before, namely cycle to our National Capital to protest a critical issue.

3.        Demonstrate your support for the 19 points which make up the Climate Protection Bill

4.        Show that you love thy neighbour, both current generations globally and future generations, through following a lifestyle that doesn't trash the joint and ransack the till - ie. leaving adequate fossil fuels for your grand kids' grand kids to energise more cleanly than we have.

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